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  1.   Yes. Kinda like the old, 2D Mario. That way, all you have to store in the array is the type of tile. A single byte would do. You won't even need to store their locations, as it can be inferred from its position in the 2D array. So if your stage is, say, 100000 x 100 tiles, it would be somewhere around 10MB.
  2. Make an "Effect" class ("Slow", "Stun", "Poison", etc.), so each ability could apply these effects individually. All you have to do then is mix and match effects for each ability. And if you need to change the core mechanic, e.g. changing the varuable name from "Health" to "HP", it would only affect those effects, and not the abilities. So in general, it works like what Ashaman recommended: Make utility functions.
  3.   I'm not sure if I understand this correctly: By "foreground image" do you mean those clouds? Do they serve any game play function other than decorations? If not, then you could make an object for each cloud and procedurally create them on the fly. As an example, you can make three different cloud sprites which will be selected at random upon a cloud object's creation, to be used by that new object. This will give the illusion of diversity.   As for the background, you can use a similar technique. Make several background sprites, but make sure that each of them would look like a seamless picture if put beside each of the other background sprites.
  4. Truerror

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      ^ This. If any of you have ever played Ragnarok Online, you'd notice the similarities. Environment and some character models (usually bosses) are 3D, but the player characters and most NPCs/creatures are 2D sprites, plastered to a 3D object.
  5. Truerror

    Is O(0) equal to O(1) ?

    Asymptotic notations only look at things from the point of view of a very large data set. And with a sufficiently large data set, every operation that takes a constant n time, where n doesn't even depend on the size of the data set, just on arbitrary implementation details, are equal. That is, O(1) and O(10) are equal. They're both O(1).   That said, I couldn't, for the life of me, think of any kind of algorithm which is O(0). The only way that could be done is if the data set is always in its final state, that is, it is known beforehand that the input is in itself the output, thus requiring no operation whatsoever.   Can anyone else post their thought about this?
  6. Ok, I realize this topic is somewhat old, but I want to add something here, with the hope that it might someday be useful to anyone stumbling upon this topic.   First of all, judging by its name, PlayerPrefs wasn't originally meant to be used to store game saves, but player preferences instead. You know, things like sound volume, whether or not the subtitle is visible in conversations, etc.   What I suggest for saving/loading game sessions is what everyone else does: In save files, in directories where you have write permissions without having to elevate your user status. In Windows, this would be the user's home directory. Obviously, each platform has their own suggested methods of saving/loading sessions. The specifics of the file itself, its format, what kind of protection it has, are all up to you, as the developer.
  7. Truerror

    XNA to Monogame shader convertion?

    One thing to note is that XNA 4.0 and Monogame supports different versions of shaders, as XNA uses DX9 and Monogame uses SharpDX (which is based on DX10/11). I'm not that familiar with HLSL, but perhaps this post from SO may help.
  8. Truerror

    How to switch turn in a card game?

      ^ This. At least in the most basic sense.   But then again,a basic technique is all you need, really. Unless you want us to give you the full code in a specific language?
  9. Truerror

    Unity for 2d development

    Since you specifically mentioned Unity, can I assume you want a C# solution? If so, there are two popular choices out there. One is Unity, and the other one is Monogame, which is not really an engine. There are others, but these two have the best documentations, tutorials, and largest communities out there. Other options are Paradox Engine, Duality Engine, and the C# forks of cocos2d, namely cocos2d-XNA and cocossharp.   Regarding your game, that largely depend on what you mean with 'deliver', If you mean 'can it be made with Unity?', then yes, I'm pretty sure Unity would deliver. In fact, I'd wager that even a very basic API like SlimDX would deliver.   Now, if you mean 'is it easy/practical enough to do it in Unity?' then it's a matter of perspective. For an example, Unity has a built-in 2D physics engine included, while Monogame is a simple framework, so you have to write your own, or use something like Farseer (but then again, AFAIK Terraria doesn't rely heavily on physics). The same goes for animation.
  10. Truerror

    My new website template

    At least yours have a custom look. I'm trying to build my own personal site (with Django + Bootstrap) and I'm using Bootstrap's default theme.
  11. Truerror

    What are the apps which you use most ?

      Same here. The telephone and the SMS app. After that comes email, Skype, and Facebook Messenger.   Occasionally I use the flashlight app I downloaded and my bank's mobile banking app.
  12. Truerror

    < So Bad They Are Good Games >

    Do you mean something like the Goat Simulator?
  13. Truerror

    Can You Solve This 4th Grade Math Problem ?

      Sorry, but to be honest, that's just a reading comprehension fail then.     Maybe. In retrospect, I should've known. But in my defense, the equivalent word here which we use to describe that particular concept has more than one meaning in English, among which are "leftovers", "residue", even "fritters".   Yes, English is hard.
  14. Truerror

    Can You Solve This 4th Grade Math Problem ?

      Agreed. And I'm not used to the notation itself. It took me some time to realize that r means remainder.
  15. What about King and their "Candy" patent (or was it trademark?)?
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