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  1. Jorge Olivares

    Best Music for your Proyects!

    Hello everyone. I'm Giorgiost, composer and music producer for videogames. I have composed soundtracks for videogames available on Steam and GooglePlay and I am currently adjusting details for "Xenon Valkyrie", which will be available on PlayStation Vita. I leave my Demo Reel that shows some of my experience in this. Any questions to work together can be made to: jompositor@gmail.com You can also visit my social networks: https://www.patreon.com/Giorgiost https://giorgiost.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/giorgiostmusic https://www.instagram.com/giorgiostmusic/ Thanks and see you!
  2. Jorge Olivares

    Duncan: Galapagos Mission

    Then i would recommend you spend some time with your team fleshing out any and all ideas or concepts, then come back. We could collaborate and recommend or reject different ideas you put out, but what you have at the moment is impossible for any of us to actually help you with. Our opinions would be meaningless at this point in time, sorry.   Thanks
  3. Jorge Olivares

    Duncan: Galapagos Mission

    We Misuses the term, but our intention is not to go with an idea, only collect opinions about the project itself
  4. Jorge Olivares

    Duncan: Galapagos Mission

    Hello everyone! Along with health, we introduce the first game being developed by Gato Feo Studies, this in order to both receive some input from the community as we plan to launch soon Crowdfunding financing.   Technical details.   "Duncan: Galapagos Mission"   Genre: Platforms. Subgenre: "Run and Gun" and "Stealth" . Platform: Microsoft Windows and Android Graphic Narrative: Comic + Pixel Art Music: Organic + Chip Tunes. Language: English and Spanish.       History:     "Sometime in the XXI century, the Galapagos archipelago was a nature reserve and world heritage due to its great biodiversity of flora and fauna. However, one day called" R & D "(Research and development), a global company that handles industry of science and war, turning these islands privatized "eco-laboratories".   Because of the great economic power handling R & D, this has flouted all international environmental protocols and jurisdiction, which has caused a serious eco-logical deterioration in the area, which threatens to spread across the globe. For this reason the countries are less likely to intervene in the issue and have succumbed before the rules imposed by R & D, in order to "preserve the scientific and military research as a driver of human development."   What no one knew is that the shadow of the world's states, a young soldier will be sent to end this catastrophe and restore the natural order of the eco-system "     The Game:     Set in the Galapagos Archipelago, Duncan's story is told, an anthropomorphic iguana sent to infiltrate the R & D bases across the six main islands of the archipelago converted-military scientific research centers: San Cristobal. Santa Cruz, Santiago, Isabela, Floreana and Fernandina.     The player must make primary use of the "Hyper Blowgun" multi-use a blowgun specially designed to fire ammunition from his own body (Acid-Salt Shots) and become Bo Staff or nunchakus, as the situation warrants.         The game mixes platforms and gender system "Super Combos" available after filling energy bars and the use of power-ups hidden in the stages     Regarding the graphic narrative, the "kinematic" common will be replaced by the "comic style": that narrate the story, while the gameplay will be expressed through a fusion of pictorial art and pixel art.     Likewise music elapse between organic elements and use of chip-tunes classics was 8 - 16 bits.   https://soundcloud.com/jompositor/isla-san-cristobal-pixel-art     Contact     This is the first set of studies Gato Feo, contact for more information, we invite you to access our facebook.   https://www.facebook.com/uglycatcl?fref=ts   and email address:   uglycatstudioscl@gmail.com   Twitter https://twitter.com/EstudiosGatofeo
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