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  1. Elastic Music

    Elastic Music

    My name is Nick Torretta, I am a professional composer and founder of Elastic Music. For almost a decade I have been writing music for all forms of media. My work has been featured in internationally televised commercials, sitcoms, reality TV and films. I have written custom scores for 7 indie game titles and I custom score projects for ad agencies and Boeing. I've just wrapped up a couple projects (including a full mod conversion endorsed by Blizzard) and I'm ready to take on more projects. I've found video games to be the most satisfying and exciting projects! My rates are indie friendly, and I usually offer a hefty "first time" discount! I also pride myself on flexibility, communication and working to achieve the game creator's vision instead of my own. You can view my portfolio at I welcome your messages, questions or feedback and look forward to working with you to create something truly special.
  2. Elastic Music

    [FREE GAME] Brain Games For Kids

    Hi Alberta, this looks great!  I just released a kids game of my own, so these types of apps always catch my eye. My son is 4 and would love something like this but I only have iOS devices.  Is it available for that yet?
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