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  1. I highly suggest “Max Louis Creative”. They have a full team of social media, marketing, web designers and graphic designers. They can cover every aspect of marketing and the owner, Max, is very down to earth and will personally work with you to deliver exactly what you want. https://maxlouiscreative.com/social-media-management/
  2. Hey guys we are giving away 1,000 keys of our game, Resurgence: Earth United! Our game is a co-op wave survival game with fully customizable armor, boss fights, tons of guns, and endless waves of enemies! Resurgence is an action RPG, where you dawn humanity's "armor" of the future. Teams of 4 can enter Earth's new Colosseum and Pilot the R.A.V MK II to fight endless waves slowly becoming the wall that stands between humanity and our would be destroyers from the stars. Enter our 1,000 key mega giveaway! click these words!! Gameplay and features: Fight in Squads of up to 4 against endless waves of enemies honing your skills Loot System to reward you by increasing the power of your gear Easy to Join Multiplayer games via Steam invite Three complete armor sets to collect Both ranged and melee enemy types Epic boss fights every 10th wave Future updates graphic Resurgence: Earth United is in Early access right now and we are listening closely to the community and we have a lot of updates planned for the future such as: Multiple classes to play Different game modes Maps in new locations New boss encounters More enemy types Our Community Discord is the best place to keep up to date on all the news and to find people to play multiplayer games with! You also get instant access to us developers to answer all your questions and provide you with the best tips & tricks to help you survive as many waves as possible! Check out these links for more info about the game Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Wishlist us on Steam Check out our rewards on Brighlocker
  3. zebrakiller

    Voice actor available for your project...

    Hello bob! Could you please add me on Skype? My ID is IslandTrollTribes
  4. Hello Gamedev.net! We are looking for a few people to play test our game, record your experience, and give us feedback. One More Night is a top down endless wave shooter and we are looking for users to play test and see how many nights they can beat. Your feedback will be used directly to make improvements to the game and to balance all of the weapons, towers, and enemies. This is not a paid position, however, your name (IRL name or internet name) will be in the credits. Link to steam concept page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=717271784 The game is 1-4 players (Co-Op) and we are looking testers who can record(not 100% needed) their game-play and send it to us with any feedback, good or bad. The footage could be used in our release trailer that we are currently producing! Add me on Skype@ IslandTrollTribes or join our discord: https://discord.gg/43sd7
  5. zebrakiller

    Soulbound Items in MMORPGs

    It's to stop the gold/item sellers that sell items for real $$
  6. What is a slender game?
  7. zebrakiller

    Starting Game-Dev

    Why did you say not unity? It is by far the platform I would suggest for a 2D platformer.
  8. zebrakiller

    Learning Game Design... how?

    Three words: Just do it.
  9. zebrakiller

    McPiglet Work in Progress

    I like the kitty cannon. But what is the goal of this game?
  10. Youtube.com Unity and Blender are all free. There you go. Go make something worth while and sell it.
  11. You should work with unity3d. It's free and there are a lot of simple tutorials you can find on YouTube! Feel free to pm me and I can point you in the right direction for anything you need!
  12. zebrakiller

    Hexadecagon Maze Day 8

    I think it being hard to follow is part of the challenge. I tried and after like 15 minutes had to look at the cheat sheet. I was on the right track!
  13. zebrakiller

    Battalions, new-age online RTS

    I would really like to read more about this. I am unable to open PDF on my computer so all I can see is from this forum.
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