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  1. New enemies, improved AI and jazzy graphics. Assault Vector v1.1 coming soon! #assaultv
  2. I hate games which force me to update to latest version even if I wanna play offline. Asphalt being the latest example. 1GB update. Deleted!
  3. #Hawks took me ~6 months to develop, working an average of 1hr a day. Tools: #Unity3D, Blender, Gimp #gamedev
  4. RT @ZDNet: India IT laws need to keep pace with shift to cloud
  5. RT @unity3d: What are Unity's free tools good for? Here are a few examples: #unity3d
  6. RT @binarynonsense: Interesting read: "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime DevLog #9: Pausing Without Pausing" #gamedev
  7. FB owns occulus and now we are going to be served irritating ads mid-game in stereoscopic 3d. #gamedev
  8. I love the apple earpod travel case design. Small small things add up to a great user experience.
  9. Need an easy to use IAP plugin for ur #unity3d game? Easy StoreKit is avlbl @UnityAssetStore #gamedev
  10. RT @IndieGameGirl: How to get press with a $0 budget
  11. RT @stanfossum: GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program An amazing free alternative to #Photoshop