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  1.   Thanks. I want to solve this problem by automatically create a readable by some calculation or specific shader. Is this valuable? I mean is it valuable or worth to find a solution to automatically create a minimap that meets our needs and reduce the work to create a second scene?
  2. Are you meaning create another scene for rendering minimap? Would that be too complicated? I don't want to create a copy of my game scene so that I can use different materials or geometry. I just want to create one scene, and render the minimap based on it.
  3. Hi, I am new to 3D rendering. Currently I have an idea about minimap. As far as I know, minimap generally rendered by a camera facing the terrain. In this way, minimap shows the upper faces of all the mesh to render. I am wondering whether it is possible to render the minimap like the meshes have a different material, or merge with a normal map and height map of the meshes. What I means is that to add more mesh information(e.g. normal, height) into the 2D minimap, not just a simple rendering form a sky camera. Is it possible or valuable to do so? Thanks.