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  1. 1 language to rule them all?

    OK so no mastering a single language, ty. Im not looking for a world class job. Just want to make a "good" game if only 1.   However   Am becoming more interested in different codes and the way they communicate with each other. 
  2. 1 language to rule them all?

      Loved that tyvm  
  3. Game Genre Popularity?

    Stealth based action, adventure titles. Sci fi (leave it to the imagination)
  4. 1 language to rule them all?

    Thank you, your insight has been most helpful. I now have a focus for my goals, on to the practice.
  5. 1 language to rule them all?

    I understand the basic concept, used to mod quake 3 half life unreal back in the day. Just never worked with the code always had buddies to do that for me. What do u think of programs like unity? Are they that good of a dev tool? Im still learning dont want programs like that to hinder myself learning a language. I want to get really good at coding am practicing everyday just dont want dev tools making it easy on me. I tend to learn better with a greater challenge. Trying to learn one language at a time, dont want to get confused studying more than one at a time. But my original question was should i stick with one language for all games, or is it better to learn others for different platforms. Was hoping I could port to different devices using one language.
  6. 1 language to rule them all?

    Hi I am a new student and im studying coding. Was just curious as to whether i should stick to one language or not. I am interested in making games for multiple platforms so should i stick with one language? Is that possible for making multi device games? I know html5 and a little java. My goal is to learn to program my own engine even if i use programs like unty later it would help me undertand the concept behind game code. please any helpful advice for a first timer is appreciated. thanks