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  1. rafay

    java game library or not

    helped me a lot
  2. I have knowledge in java and wish to start game development is it better to use lwjgl (i cant use libgdx because of errors) or just use eclipse without any game library
  3. rafay

    how to learn slick2d

    oh thank you guys very muchill try out libGDX
  4. I have a good understanding of java and wondering how to learn slick2d to make games   i tried youtube videos but im just supposed to copy their code and after the video ivwont be able to do it by myself because it does not really teach
  5. rafay

    killer game programming in java

    thx its working now
  6. rafay

    killer game programming in java

    both links dont work
  7. i got the book killer game programming in java but i am having trouble downloading the software required   "I focus on J2SE 1.4.2, J2SE 5.0 and Java 3D 1.3.1. Under the hood, Java 3D utilizes OpenGL or Direct3D" from the book but dont know how to download    
  8. I want to start making games for windows i want the game engine for free It should use python   and i want a game engine not a library
  9. what can i do with just a little knowledge with c# or javascript
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