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  1. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    "The question also is: What will be more useful for business later? A small hobby engine that can never compete with the big ones, or experience in using the tools that everyone else uses too?" Well, so long as the code is portable and meets basic criteria of general 3d engine, what is wrong with that? It doesn't need lots of features Unity has. Once you handle the basic lighting, a couple of cool effects, the rest is already game design. You need two things : a good physics engine and basic 3d renderer. It's shouldn't as hard as you think especially as an exercise before writing the actual content creation tools. "But you also say you want to make tools for the game industry, so you do not want to make games in the first place, right?" I want to do all of them. If I schedule my time properly I can create a sustainable business. "In that case, a similar problem comes up: You spend years on engine and tools just to catch up with state of the art, and you might never get there, because Unity and UE already have all those tools and they improve them with a large team and also they are buying new stuff to add it as well." My engine is already gonna evolve into a content creation tool later on even though it looks like an ordinary general engine. I am gonna use the first phrase as an exercise. Nevertheless, it is gonna become a good code base/library on which I can rely for my content creation tools. Even if it is not gonna be as good as Unity, the journey is still gonna be instructive and it will be a good preparation for writing actual tool that would make the difference. "In the future such 'stuff' may be AI driven character animation library, or AI driven procedural content creation tools. Who knows? So if you want to sell tools for game industry, you likely have to work on something like this. Something that does not yet exist. Nobody needs another basic physics engine or another state of the art renderer. You'd need to address open problems. Pick one, work on it for years, and with luck you get something working before all the others and they might be interested. Chances are surely tiny. I do not want to sound demotivating - i do exactly this, at big risk." I will incorporate AI based content creation tools into my project as I've already mentioned in another topic days ago. The actual thing everything might revolve around. "That said, i have the impression you want to do a bit of everything but you have no clear idea yet on what to focus on. Games or tools? You can do it all, investing much time, learning a lot... i propose you continue with this, but to make a living out of it, at some point you need to break out of this, have an idea, a good one. So start thinking about it already. ... and be ready for plan B which has nothing to do with games as well." All of them. Both games and tools. Plan B may be web development but I will try to do my best to stick with game development. Thanks for the recommendations.
  2. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    My initial idea is first building a game engine with lots of example games and then making commercial games with it. As the more futuristic next idea, building AI which does art. I am sure of the former but not that much of the latter The thing I am trying to build is gonna be a quite big projects. Initially, it will look like ordinary game engines; things are gonna get more interesting when AI comes into play. Most probably, I am gonna relocate to a bigger urban area when I finish my degree. I am getting by this site for now for the purpose of socialization. "Nobody will be bothering you about your personal life at work once they find out you don't want to be bothered." Haha. This is very similar to enjoying being a solo developer more than being a team member. Of course, only as a joke. I am gonna learn to work in a team environment, too, as the next step. "And finish something, anything." You are really right about finishing things. I was always quiter in the past whatever the target task is. This project will be different. I didn't quit this project despite having a long break. I returned back to coding and keep coding for the same project. And finally, thanks for talking about your view related to the potential involvement options in the game industry, for the all information and encouragement 👍
  3. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    My initial questions are always gonna be about game development. And sometimes about its business aspects even if less often at the begining. Thanks.
  4. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    English is not my native language. My understanding of the world can be limited. If you mean delving into game development, as far as I know, there are two options : Either entering a company for experience or directly trying to create your own game company. I have decided to try the latter. Even if I fail, it is gonna look cool in my portofolio. I am gonna enter a company instead of trying to go indie. I have a special interest in 3D platformers like Super Mario 64. Most probably, I am gonna create such games a lot, in the next 4 years
  5. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    Is there anything wrong with this so long as you work hard and learnt how to have great discipline? Even if I fail, this is gonna teach me a lot. It has been 7 years since I gave up making games. It was with Game Maker back then. I am a little bit impatient to create my own virtual word. I miss game development a lot. Even though I have never made games without engine before, I don't think it is very difficult so long as you know how to load models and do nice lighting. It is even easier with 2D. At least, much better than using Game Maker. Once you have a normally functioning entity system and a basic level editor, it shouldn't be very difficult to prepare your own sprite sheets for 2D game characters. Or am I forcing myself a lot by trying to do everything by myself? I am planing to code 4 hours a day. 2 hours for tool development, 2 hours for doing game development by using these tools. I have 4 years. Do you think it is a bad schedule? I am gonna study for the university in the remaining time and read book about various topics to expand my horizon. (which may be a little shallow for now. sorry about that)
  6. algorithmic_brain

    I need tips for breaking into Game Industry

    There is still time for true employment. I am not ready for such thing yet. Thanks for reminding anyway.
  7. algorithmic_brain

    Is the futue of Game Development AI

    Do you think the future of Game Industry is AIs designing the whole narrative, drawing all assets and composing the necessary musics. I believe the game engines of the future will revolve around AIs doing art. I, too, am planning to create a procedural 3D modeller and level designer. Will AI doing art outsmart human labor one day? I think the procedural development is the future. Someone is eventually gonna build world's most advanced and easy-to-use engine. You will just say, create a 3D platformer with dark souls, dogs and fairies with most eccentric theme possible and the engine will come up with 10 different game recommendations. The story line will be created automaticly, the game assets will be drawn, musics related to the theme of each level will be composed, everything will be put together with appropriate scripting. Even if it might sound very futuristic, that's the inevitable end of game industry. We can't know exactly when, but it will finally happen. And that would be the end of extremely large AAA teams since everything is automatized. I am gonna write it even if nobody writes it. Can one guy beat all AAA teams? If he builds right things at right time, the cost of creating very detailed environments will be reduced to electric bill. Maybe not me, but somebody will do this. What do you think about that?
  8. I am using C, SDL and OpenGL. I have 2D physics engine for now but am planning to extend it to 3D as well. 2D is just a side project. I have already enough infrastructure for simple 2D games yet for 3D, still, a lot of work needs to be done.
  9. Is Game Industry still a viable chose in 2019? I started an online universty for computer science. I have 4 years. I don't know the best way to develop myself in the next 4 years. Nowadays, I am working on a game engine which uses C,SDL and OpenGL 2 for now. I wanna specialize in tool development for games. Do you think it is a viable career choice? I am 25 and when I finish my studies, I am gonna be 29. Do you think it is too late to switch to game industry or is there still hope? I am planning to have a true Game Development pipeline. I already have a physics engine I built for 2D games. That means the infrastructure for 2D games is ready. I can start making games and put on, for example, itch.io. Once I complete my 3D modeller, I am gonna write a 3D physics engine as well. Once I have 3D things to put in scene, I can start working on 3D Physics Engine as well. Even though it is a little amateurish, you can examine the source code : https://github.com/CoderOnBlacklist/DanceOfPixels I am a little bit beginner but also have some experience even if intermediate. Don't ask my true background because it doesn't exist. I am unemployed. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. I dropped out of school twice. But I am hopeful since I cured most of my mental weaknesses through natural means. This new school format is gonna be very comfortable because I am not good at face to face communication or socializing. I am gonna write code every single day. I have a lot of time. Do you think I can become something if I study hard in the next 4 years and do you think it will be a problem because I will have lacked job experience at the end of the journey? The place in which I am living is a little rural so I decided to start first from online forums for socialization at which I am not so good for now. I can ask questions and learn from others who went through a similar path before. I would like to start a youtube channel but my accent isn't eligible for such a thing. I feel more comfortable with text format. English is my second language so with my most sincere apologies in advance for my potential grammar errors that might have occured . Thanks for reading until here
  10. I am very new to Linux world like I am new to game development at the same time. I am working on an engine project using SDL2 and OpenGL 3.3. It was working without problem on Windows 8 but after I installed Debian/Linux on the same machine, I couldn't successfully compile it again. It gave a segmentation fault probably related to OpenGL version(click for more information).Both installation of fglx and mesa 10 was painful and brought me nowhere. Neither X recognised the new fglrx drivers I installed, nor I could configured it manually. For Mesa 10, they said it is not impossible but too hard to accomplish the installation of OpenGL 3.3 on a system like Debian. After I messed up all kind of configuration files and was stuck in script terminal again as always, I have had to reinstall debian from USB at least to be able to access GUI again and connect internet on firefox rather than lynx. So do you have any idea regarding what I need to do? Should I, for example, try an easier distro that will be able to do all these automatically if there is such a distro?   Thanks in advance.
  11. algorithmic_brain

    my game engine project

    I already didn't expect praise but comments related to the topic.It was enough for some people to try the program and say somethings about it.Maybe, I should have also mentioned what I like as you said.I will take into consideration what you said about journal section too.Thanks for the comment. "It's not clear what feedback you want - e.g., <<how it looks as a game engine, how good a paint editor it is, or whether it's worthwhile as a learning experience, or suggestions for improvements>> etc" yes, almost the same(as <<...>>) not more.As I mentioned above, I could write what I expect from reader.It is probably my mistake. As for the GUI, It is for more flexible visual applications, which I will also add bigger components to make easier the building process, for creating new kinds of interface helping interaction between user and application, including 3D, visual design and real-time editing techniques.So I had to do this job graphically.But these are draft yet.The reason why I have to stimulate already existing systems before I can implement these is to get used to the concept. Thanks for this comment, too
  12. algorithmic_brain

    my game engine project

    I had to make the one that was already made before I propose new and better solutions to the same problem or find innovative ways of building new features.Yes, the end result is not a big project yet in spite of the effort for low level stuff even for simple things that look easy from outside but I can't say that it is not something that can't be appreciated. It is also interesting that a lot of person starting coding for low level stuff first are encouraged here but although I dealed with so much to present some work, no one supported and even discouraged just because I didn't offer something new or I didn't show colorful game graphics yet. Whether or not this place is full of expert graphics programmers, this is not my guilt, doesn't justify what the members do and I didn't find ethical behavior of some members.It can not be denied that even they started this job from the scratch like me so I would expect more friendly responds.
  13. algorithmic_brain

    my game engine project

    Thanks for your suggestion, I didn't know that there is such a place.    <critique> It's simple in design, nothing much else to say.  In java, it would take less than a week to reproduce. </critique> . Edit: for future reference, using OpenGL 3.x can be a a game of roulette with older systems - or modern systems that can not support the 3.x standard ( and there are a lot of them ).   Are you sure about its simplicity? Do you know how much I engaged in even for a simple flood fill algorithm, how long it took to make the text area with multiple line work properly. It is easy to add a simple window without worriying about inner working of layers, activeness of GUI objects with any high level API but doing all GUI stuff from the scratch is not that much simple task.For correct pixels mouse over to be processed, it is essential to take into account the positions of sliders and degree of zoom.Providing possibility to select an area for duplicating, deleting, moving, scaling and rotating is another story. Writing a font library that includes methods from loading of fonts up to specifying the presentation style of the text is not as simple as you think.I wrote a library even for string operations which doesn't involves just conventional functions but provides a rich method collection of encryption which might have a potential use for creating various file structure with its a solid infrastructure.Maybe, It seems that all these work is a bit complex, hard and a serious challenge to me because I am a newbie in this field of graphic programming. I dealed with 3D Model Creator too, and it was not so much trying except texture mapping, light mapping and organizing the 3D interface to edit surfaces, triangles, lines and points rather than writing algorithms for basic shapes or functions such as ellipsoid, surface shifting/rotating or writing a an OBJ loader in order to use external models in program.(I doubt the last sentence is suitable to context because the sentence is long and it doesn't sound good even though it is logically correct  :) Sorry for my possible poor English. I may be a little idiot. )
  14. algorithmic_brain

    my game engine project

    I actually couldn't find a suitable place for this project so I created the topic here. OpenGL section couldn't have been made to share project. It seemed more likely to be for asking question related to that API to me. Maybe I should find a better way to communicate other people dealing with this kind of projects at the other end of the world, like me. I will research other communities too, thanks for reply.
  15. algorithmic_brain

    my game engine project

    And nobody tried it, right? No feedback, no even critique... I feel like being ignored in spite of 166 views :(
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