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  1. RT @DSWT: Sunblock applied to protect his delicate ears, Ndotto is ready for the day ahead
  2. RT @davekellett: You’d get an issue of Natl Geo as a kid, with stories like “Beet Farming on the Ganges” & you’d be yelling “Gimme Nero! Gi…
  3. Here's more #Patreon created music - some modern orchestral work "First Flame" #composing #royaltyfree #filmmaking
  4. RT @JackieFortier: If you want to help elephants who are the victims of the #ivory trade, adopt an #orphan #elephant at @DSWT. I've adopted…
  5. RT @theVGO: A cool KS project by @GameSoundDoc! Must support this so peeps can learn the history of our music! #kickstarter…
  6. Tons of music, music packs, and SFX on the way through @gamedev will be available soon, at super-low cost! #gamedev
  7. A huge update to the @Patreon project today, ELEVEN PIECES of #surreal #productionmusic #gamemusic
  8. RT @fmodstudio: FMOD Studio is now free for indies! We can't wait to see what you do with it. #fmod4indies
  9. So coy; she's a practiced criminal. Just look at that flattened parietal! Clearly a menace #phrenology
  10. RT @JackieFortier: "When you buy a piece of ivory, you buy a bullet" @YaoMing Best @npratc quote of the week. @KUNC
  11. [attachment=20272:Signal 1 Cover.jpeg]   Hey folks, here's a selection of sounds I've been amassing over my last few film and TV projects.   They range from ambiences to foley, and are generally longer clips with lots of detail, so it'll take a bit of editing to be useful to implement in game-work, but they are free to download and use.   They're all under Creative Commons, so just drop in a credit somewhere, if you do end up using them.   You can find download links and more info here -   I'd love to hear back on what and if you folks use these sounds for!   Happy SFX-ing!
  12. RT @DynInterference: "mmmm....delicious GoPro audio." ...said no one ever.