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  1. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks Hrohm!
  2. Go have a look at the Reddit /r/gamedev/ monthly showcase. Loots of interesting games! http://goo.gl/x7uxgL ?#?indiegames? ?#?indiedev?
  3. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Hey thanks Shaquil. glad you got some use out of it!
  4. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks for the feedback Buckeye! Your right about the website relaunch not being clear. Its written in a rough "postmortem" format right now.   Jody
  5. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks for the reply! and deffinatly could have gone into more detail.. was trying to keep this conversational and easy to read.   Cheers again!
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