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  1. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks Hrohm!
  2. Go have a look at the Reddit /r/gamedev/ monthly showcase. Loots of interesting games! http://goo.gl/x7uxgL ?#?indiegames? ?#?indiedev?
  3. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Hey thanks Shaquil. glad you got some use out of it!
  4. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks for the feedback Buckeye! Your right about the website relaunch not being clear. Its written in a rough "postmortem" format right now.   Jody
  5. Jody

    Adventures in PR…

    Thanks for the reply! and deffinatly could have gone into more detail.. was trying to keep this conversational and easy to read.   Cheers again!
  6. Thanks CJ! I checked out Skirmish II looks ace ill download and have a play right now!
  7. Oh we are also on IndieDB if thats your thing!   http://www.indiedb.com/company/lost-zombies
  8. Away Team, a new game by Lost Zombie Studio, Lets you manage a lost ship and its crew in deep space. Control individual crew members on dangerous away missions to hostile planets and derelict space stations. Survive by upgrading your crew’s gear and specializations while evolving your ships systems as you go.     “A turn based exploration of deep space, Away Team is an Action orientated management sim with randomly generated content and RPG elements”   Platforms PC (first release) , Mac, Linux and mobile support to follow.   Release date – Winter 2014 - Away Team will be available for pre-order in March 2014 at a discounted price with access to early builds of the game.   Game Highlights       Strategic control of ship systems and upgrades. Beam a four man away team to any planet or structure you find on your journey. Carefully consider your teams options as once a crew member bites the dust they are gone for good – along with their accrued experience and skills. Clone new randomly generated crew members to replace the unfortunate dead. Evolve your cloning facility over time to unlock new races and more experienced clones. Revisit deceased former crew members at the space-memorial where the dead float eternally in the infinite silence of space. Procedurally generated universe, planets, missions and events. Website www.lostzombies.co.uk Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lostzombiestudio Twitter – @Lost_Zombies
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