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  1. junkdogAP

    Artemis ECS + Kryo network sync

    Hi, a bot twitter account retweeted this under jobs There's unfortunately no straightforward way of deserializing entities without creating new ones. It could *probably* be done with a custom serializer based on the Kryo one, but I'm not sure how much work it'd entail + might require some changes to the underlying artemis code. The culprit is the EntityPoolFactory - which always creates new entities when deserializing; but even if entities are matched against existing ones, new components would be instantiated during each deserialization, which may be somewhat costly in terms of performance/GC - depending on how frequently entities are updated.
  2. RT @Pinboard: “Users who don’t want that information to be available to Facebook should contact the data brokers directly” https://t.co/VFP…
  3. RT @DaanRedblade: For @junkdogAP's artemis-odb lovers out there. The new Fluid Entities API saved me oodles of time this #LD37! https://t.c…
  4. RT @alightinchorus: We announced a change of direction yesterday- read about it here: https://t.co/jDMfjzXpYN https://t.co/QE86HR0ldn
  5. Fear is the mind-killer.
  6. RT @Noahpinion: If this doesn't scare you, you're a little insane. https://t.co/mbSxHmgRQW
  7. ?(´?`)/ artemis-odb 2.0.0 released :) Java-based Entity-Component-System. https://t.co/WQG5GT241g #gamedev #indiedev
  8. RT @pcgamer: Dwarf Fortress is 10 years old today. To celebrate, we collected its weirdest patch notes: https://t.co/KWz2uUbqKJ https://t.c…
  9. GL_POINTS-based particle renderer. ECS-based particles. Opposition is true Friendship, and a CPU hog. #libgdx https://t.co/y7Jy2U78Aw
  10. Entity-Component-System artemis-odb-2.0.0-RC1: kryo serialization, auto entity-to-entity links. https://t.co/WQG5GT241g #gamedev #indiedev
  11. std::bitset isn't dynamic and std::vector<bool> is discouraged, neither need to be a showstopper though.   I don't think perfromance would come close to working directly on an int[], but feel free to dig into https://graphics.stanford.edu/~seander/bithacks.html - maybe if you use something branchless (if at all possible), but idk. Some benchmarks would be fun to read though.
  12.   You still probably want most of the bitsets though, otherwise entity removal entails searching the entity array until the guilty party is found. During processing rounds (ie, during a tick), it's quite common that "change events" (conceptually speaking) revolve around the same entities/resources - for example: if two distinct edit operations are performed on the same entity, we must either guard against duplicate events in listeners or live with it.     Happy to help :)
  13. RT @EFF: NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing that has nothing to do with terrorism. https://t.co/UgMiQ91Ic3
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