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  1. How to make a Game Engine For Super Beginners?

    Hmm I see what you're trying to say. Thanks!
  2. How to make a Game Engine For Super Beginners?

    I will take note of that. Thanks.
  3. How to make a Game Engine For Super Beginners?

    Well, I did mention I am still a student...and yeah that's what I wanted to do initially...but yeah I got curious about making a game engine...that's why I posted the question. 
  4. How to make a Game Engine For Super Beginners?

    Hi all,   I understand that there are already quite a few threads out there, but it seems that most of them are about the pros and cons of certain stuff in the game engine, or either that it's just a bunch of theories here and there. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough or either that I'm just really noob to not catch certain stuff mentioned.   So getting to the main point, my questions are what does a game engine really need? How to structure the engine in a industry-standard structure? (I'm still a student, but I'm going to graduate soon...) And last but not least, how do we make a game using this engine in question?   It depends on the situation, some might say, so I shall narrow down the question here. Let's say we're making a 2D RPG game engine that uses C++ and OpenGL as its programming languages.   From I have understood so far, a game engine is a program where a programmer does his magic on to create the game, and contains functions that instantly creates basic game mechanics that is needed in a game.   Can anyone change or add on to the sentence, and perhaps answer my the three questions as stated?   With regards, Donald Leow   ( P.S. Sorry if I sound weird or arrogant, as some have told me. I tend to sound like this when I try to ask questions...I apologize for my inability to ask questions in a normal way. )
  5. How to load Maya Models and Animation?

    Thanks for the reply Ashaman73!   Though I would like to ask, what did you mean by "a converter to transform it into your own format"? The part that I don't get is the transformation part, just to clarify...do you mean get a converter software or something? And "my own format" meaning ACSII or something?   Appreciate your help btw.
  6. How to load Maya Models and Animation?

    Hi all,   I am currently making a 3d game, and I have managed to make a program that run on OpenGL and C++. Everything that is needed to make a windows pop out has been done, I also have a .obj loader. However, I realized that I have no idea how to load animations. I did some research online, but there were a lot of things I didn't understand...some said use MD5 files, some said FBX files, and some even just did animation with the codes using the OBJ models.   Can anyone tell what kind of file would be easy to use for a beginner like me? And just to emphasize, I am really a beginner. I learn C++ and OpenGL as modules in my school for the past two years, and all I have been doing is 2D games most of the time. This is my third time doing a 3D project, but on a bigger scale. The previous projects are just simulations that have nothing but non-moving models and "hard-coded" objects. Even the environment was done in OpenGL codes.