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  1. The Single Player PRO version of Kung Fu Glory is now available on App Store: Multiplayer version on iOS coming soon!
  2. Get it from Play Store:   iOS version is coming soon!     Game Features: Single and Multiplayer game modes Choose and customise your fighter Create your own combo moves Complete 6 challenging levels   Game Trailer:
  3. Battle of Tanks is an action-packed, addictive, 3D Android game.   Get it from Play Store:     In Battle of Tanks Reloaded your goal is to win the war by completing 5 challenging objectives:    1. Demolishing the marching fleet of enemy tanks 2. Destroying 5 enemy posts  3. Launching an offensive to destroy enemy's air-base 4. Cutting off enemy's fuel supply 5. Destroying the command centre
  4. Do you love dragons? Wanna kill some? Lets begin...   Dragon Slayer : Reign of Fire is an action packed, exciting, and addictive 3D first person game.   Download the game from Play Store:     The skies have become red, the water black, and the lands barren. Your kingdom has fallen to the fire breathing dragons! The fear and fire of dragons now rule. Now is the last chance to reclaim your lost glory by defeating these monsters.   Game Trailer:     Do provide your invaluable feedback and drop a rating in Play Store.
  5. Dodge the bombs and collect bonus points as you flick the coin in this fun and exciting Snooker meets Golf meets Air Hockey game!   Get it from Play Store:       Game Trailer:
  6. This is my third Android game using Libgdx game engine. This time I have utilized Box2D Physics APIs and 2D Particle APIs.   Dodge the bombs and collect bonus points as you flick the coin in this fun and exciting Snooker meets Golf meets Air Hockey game!   Get it from Play Store:     Game Trailer:   Let me know your invaluable feedback.
  7. I have recently released a 3D Android game using libgdx game engine. Used 3D APIs and 3D particles of libgdx along with bullet physics engine. Check out the game and let me know your feedback:     If you have any queries on libgdx 3D APIs I will be happy to help.
  8. Get it from Play Store:     Strike fear in the heart of your enemy by destroying their tanks and capturing their headquarters. Destroy enemy’s communication tower, ammunition center, and cripple their supplies by capturing the connecting bridge. Climb the rank in your army by unlocking achievements and compete with your friends for high scores.    Game Features: - 3D Graphics - 7 Awesome Tanks - 5 Challenging Objectives - Ammunition of Missiles, Shells, and Bullets - Google Play Games Integration   Game Trailer:
  9. Developed my first MortalKombat style, 3D Android game in 3.5 months using Libgdx, Android SDK, Blender, and GIMP. Check it out and let me know what do you think:   You can check out the trailer at:    
  10. Friends, check out my first action-packed 3D combat game, Fight for Glory, on Android Play Store:   Tools Used: 1. Android SDK: For IAP and advertising 2. LibGdx: 3D game engine 3. Blender: For 3d modeling and animation 4. GIMP: 2D image editing   Game Features: - Awesome Fighters: 7 Fighters with cool and unique “Special Power” styles - Combat Arenas and Scenes: 4 amazing Arenas and Scenes to choose from - Game Modes: Single Round Fight, Best of Three, and Tournament mode - Google Play Games Integration: Optional sign-in to check out Achievements and Leaderboards within your social circle   Game Trailer: