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  1. I see where bullet physics supports a compound shape but is there a way to make a compound shape out of a custom variation of compound shapes? I would like to be able to make a variation of a compound shape that understands the geometry within that area in much more detail than just a general AABB but then be able to make larger bodies by combining several of those into a larger compound shape! Thanks!
  2. First off I'm using the physics engine "Jitter Physics"  (http://code.google.com/p/jitterphysics/)   Two boxes colliding sometimes ends in both of them flying off in random directions. I have done quite a few modifications to the engine to support what I'm trying to do with it. Is there a common cause of this that I can look for?
  3. Hello,   I have 2 objects both with their own 3x3 orientation matrix.     I need to calculate the orientation of object B in relation to object A.     Thanks in advance!