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  1. Hi, I have developed a framework, using AppDomains, to allow other developmers to add plug-in's to our master application. I have written an application manager class that hides the implementation specifics of this. Recently I noticed the handle count of the application to climb as the application loaded and unloaded plug-in's. Extensive trial and error has lead me to blame the events. If I subscribe to the event(s) of a plug-in, which resides in another appdomain, the Application manager class is never garbage collected. Failing to subscribe measn that this class is cleaned up and all its held resources freed. The handle count rising is a consequence of this as when using events these mutex's are never destroyed. Rather than take my word for all this (I'm terrible at explaining this anyways), I have written a small console application to demonstrate what is going on and this can be found here (11kb, VS.Net 2003) Code synopsis: - The entry point to the application is found in RemotingEvents.cs - There is a flag indicating the use of events in the main method called "UseEvents" - ApplicationManager.cs has the application manager implementation Free hi-5 to anyone that gets this one, and a big thanks to anyone that looks :) Aaron.
  2. eagleboy

    Managed DX problem

    Hey Zipster, It just came to me that they would be structs rather than classes too :) Thanks for your help. eb.
  3. eagleboy

    Managed DX problem

    Ok, I've found the problem. Although I'm not really sure why it was a problem to begin with. When filling my vertex buffer I assign a local variable to point to the indexed vertex. However, when it seems this is not setting the vertex in the buffer. Why is this so??? I replaced this: CustomVertex.PositionColored dxvert = v; Vertice vert = vertices; dxvert.X = vert.Position[0]; dxvert.Y = vert.Position[1]; dxvert.Z = vert.Position[2]; with this: //CustomVertex.PositionColored dxvert = v; Vertice vert = vertices; v.X = vert.Position[0]; v.Y = vert.Position[1]; v.Z = vert.Position[2]; Ideas? Aaron.
  4. eagleboy

    Managed DX problem

    Hi Zipster, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm convinced the problem is not with the internal representation of the q3 map. I've written the vertice and face data to text files from both my loader and that of another and the output is identical. We are both swapping the Y and Z axis (while negating the Z). Thanks, eb.
  5. eagleboy

    Managed DX problem

    Hi, I checked the zip file and it seemed ok. Perhaps, with your permission, I could attach it to an email? It's 97kb in size. Thanks, eb.
  6. I wouldn't be posting here if it wasn't the last resort. I've now spent the better part of a full day trying to figure out what the problem is. The symptoms are obvious - it doesn't draw the q3 bsp map I've loaded. There are no errors (implicit via debug or crashing) and no exceptions are being thrown. I'm sure the map is loaded correctly as I've verified it again another persons loading code and they both produce the same results as I've written both representations in a meaningful format to text files and compared (this code can be found here). The only thing I can think to do is either forget about it altogether, or hope that someone with more DX experience take a quick look for me. The solution code can be found here. This is by no means a demand to take a look. Quick code synopsis: There are only classes of interest: q8.cs - program entry, initialisation Camera.cs - camera routines q3bsp - q3 map loading / rendering Note: I have a console class that renders without issue. So I'm seeing something at least. Also, the code is messy. It wasn't this way until I started thrashing looking for a solution. There are free lollies on offer to anyone that can solve this one for me. Email/MSN: Thanks, eb.
  7. eagleboy


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