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  1. Hello, I am Programmer & Pixel Artist who has jumped on and off both hobbies over the years. I have experience with c++, python, and java. I've also done a little bit of web programming as well. I consider myself decent with OOP basics and problem solving. So far I've worked well on teams and think I can fit in on most environments. My favorite types of games are puzzles games or games with puzzles focus but It doesn't matter what I work on I'm interested regardless. I'm looking to do this as a contributor and continue the programming side of my hobby and if applicable the pixel artist too. I'm looking for a group where I can conveniently contribute work but it won't live or die without me. Contact me by private message or by my discord. Vinn (Pound)7922
  2. I have old code you can use if it something that simple. It sorta like a demo. Anyways it could be what you need for your game. Don't expect anything glowing. It just organized and built enough to get the job done. I recommend you use an engine or something popular right after you put together you extremely small game.
  3. I want to try. I'm not a professional, I'm not a beginner
  4. Hello PantherNZ: I am a pixel artist as a second title but a programmer first and foremost. I want to work with an experienced programmer to gain better practices. If I contribute art will you allocate programming work to me as well? If the answer is yes I can only contribute my resources for a month. All I desire is to become a better programmer. If I must craft art to convince you, I shall. For my experience, I worked on Sonic Advance Revamped SAGE 2018 Demo as a pixel artist. I made the Blaze the cat sprite sheet used in it. I know you do not want pixel art but I may be able to apply my pixel skills to a different form of art.
  5. All the basic stuff has finally been finished. Now time for the hard part. Switching between activities. I wish I could ask but I feel this forum has grown tired of my questions. The line between seeking help and being too dependented has blured. I must become less dependent on others!
  6. Victory..... Is my destiny!
  7. I hate java so much. It so unreliable and stupid. In c++/c# the program always consistancely does what I expect. Please let java burn away.
  8. Fuck it, I'm starting over from scratch. This shit really blows. I've been at it for 2 weeks time to give up.
  9. FUCK ANDROID STUDIOS and java. this backward technology is holding us back.
  10. I'm debating rather to ask for help. This forum make me question my ever move. I'm trying not to care for the sake of learning but I have to at least try before I come here again. PLEASE BRAIN PLEASE FIGURE THIS OUT!
  11. On track at last. My android game can finally run but it acts stranges. This shit looks like a virus infected my phone. Oh well phase one is done for now.
  12. Getting back on track is harder than I thought but I'm working my way toward the right path. I'M READY!
  13. Things are going wrong but I can still stay on track if I fix them faster.
  14. Finally got enough time to set up the virtual box. Ubuntu has been installed and I'm ready. I would love to get the source code of my favorite apps but it illegal. I guess a smal peak wouldn't hurt.
  15. I will make my website even if I have to take the wrong path 100 times!
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