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  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback, glad you like the composition :) What exactly could I do to make the phrase endings less stagnate? I played around a lot with the modulation cc for each single sustained note (with regard to the specifications of the particular library), but maybe that was not enough. By "impact on the transient" do you mean more attack on the percussion hits or what specifically? To be honest, I didn't use any compression or limiter at all in the "mastering" process... :D but maybe I should. I compared my recording to similiar orchestral pieces and indeed: I felt there was something missing, too ;)
  2. Hi there, I created this piece almost exactly five years ago as a MIDI mockup and have been working on it very intensively over the last few weeks. The whole thing was recorded with new and – hopefully – more realistic orchestral samples and re-arranged here and there. I would be happy to get some feedback, especially on the mix or the sound in general and what could be improved. Synthetically realizing an entire orchestra on a PC is really a science in itself (at least for me) and I must honestly admit that it took me at least two to three times as long for recording and mixing in the sequencer that for the actual composition in the notation program. https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/a-swashbucklers-fanfare-1 As a video with excerpts from both score and sequencer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1qQsuz7TPg Thanks for your feedback Dustin
  3. Thanks for your great feedback! I will try to follow your hints for my next composition projects. By the way: here is the complete film excerpt, to which this piece as well as two more cues were originally written: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1Op4EXgQk0 The film itself is obviously very trashy and extremely LOW-BUDGET (shot in 2005 with a discounter camcorder), but I was primarily interested in the opportunity to finally write film music in the musically incredibly rewarding fantasy genre. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  4. Hi, for a long time I wanted to write something like this: a flamboyant "final fight" track with broad, heroic themes swirling above driving ostinati. https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/battle-of-the-champions http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=674265&songID=13676086 Originally this piece belongs to the score I wrote for a student film project realised many many years ago. The music was produced via a MIDI-based digital sequencer and of course orchestral sample libraries. Unfortunately, the London Symphony Orchestra was just too busy at the moment for a recording session. While the last bars in asymmetrical 7/8 meter surely feel a bit overloaded (with syncopated choir fills and such), I am quite happy with the overall arrangement and the final mix. But maybe I am a little bit biased since I listened to it too often and it's just chaos to your ears... If you have some hints on how to improve the mix, sound, orchestration etc. please feel free to let me know. Best regards, Dustin
  5. Mulahey

    Music for a little horror project

    The film has finally been uploaded on youtube:
  6. Hi there,   since my thread to "Journey Onward" is older than 60 days I couldn't reply to it I just wanted to inform you that I undertook the challenge of transcribing my "Journey Onward" for piano solo.     I tried to stay as true as possible to the original orchestral version, especially in keeping the bass ostinato as well as the off-beat fills for pizzicato strings beneath the melody vocings. Hope you'll enjoy.   Dustin
  7. Mulahey

    Music for a fantasy film project

    Hey Kasu, thanks a lot for your very detailied feedback, you gave the cue a thorough listen.  Really appreciate it! :) Indeed, you made some insightful points concerning the structure and instrumention of the coda. I certainly must rework this piece someday (particularly to apply some stronger midi modifiers for humazition effects and more overall reverb). On this occasion, there also will be also some major adjusments for the final build-up. An epic march feeling sounds great so me! @0:29: The short c in the beginning of this bar (in the melodic line, the intended sound is a medieval zither by the way :D) is supposed to be somekind of variation of the main motif (minor third, major, second, perfect fith; all ascending) Maybe there should be some more accent on this particularly note.
  8. Hi there,   I spent the last days working on this little tune...   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/journey-onward   ...a somewhat rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval/fantasy theme soundtrack theme. It's build upon a (hopefully) heroic melody and is intended to accompany the travel montage of a fantasy epic (game/film). If you have some handy tips, especially concerning the mix, please do not hesitate to share your insights. :)   Best regards   Dustin
  9. Mulahey

    Music for a little horror project

    @Nate: I just reliazed that I didn't reply to your second hint. The main motif is incorporated into the teaser music, but not very obviously. The four deep impact sounds are E, H, E B, which represents exactly this motif. But I was very restricted by what was happening on the screen and couldn't present it in a good old overture style. ;)    @Kasu: Thanks for your thoughts, the overall reverb is indeed a bit imbalanced due to the very different sample banks I used. The percussion clashs are from an old Giga bank, while the piano is from 88Ensemble by SONiVOX.
  10. Mulahey

    Music for a little horror project

    Hey Nate, thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it! :) You're absolutely right, my piano patch is way too dry. Just forget to put some reverb onto it (the same thing goes for the piano entries on the other tracks).    Of course, as soon as the producers give their o.k. the director will upload the flick on youtube, but I am afraid they will hold it back till the bidding phases for most European short film contests are over, which will take at least 5-6 months. :-/ 
  11. Howdy,   I tried my best to compose the score to a little horror production called „Sarah”, a short film (18-19 min) produced by film students from all departments about a series of murderous events around a remote cabin the woods. It was executed for educational purpose only; nobody involved got any money. The film is to be released online after an initial promotion phase for short film contests, festivals etc. However, I am eager to get some early feedback on the music, especially some hints concerning the mix and the overall sound. Is it realistic enough? If not, what sucks the most? Of course, there were no real accoustic instruments involved. Fell free to tel me what you think about it. :) Maybe you'll recognize the major motif (a falling fourth/tritone shift) here or there. ;)   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/resolution-and-end-credits https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/a-dark-discovery https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/shortcut-through-the-woods https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/interrogation https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/an-axe-in-a-nature-reserve https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/run-away https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/opening-teaser   Best regrads   Dustin  
  12. Mulahey

    Music for an old school adventure game

    Thanks for your detailed feedback, both of you. :) I will continue to work on these tracks. In my opinion, the mixing process is quite more demanding than the actual composition itself. ;) 
  13. Hi there,   I am assigned to write the music for a German independent point-and-click adventure in the style of Monkey Island, Sam and Max etc. It's about a cat named Miguel in the role of a detective finding the murder of his master. Most likely it will be freeware and hopefully there will be an English translation. I would like to know what you think about these pieces (especially concerning the mix). I tried my best to jazz them up a bit and spent a lot of time on this project.   Thanks a lot and best regards :)   Dustin   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/on-the-prowl   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/main-menumap-screen   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/downtown-chase   https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/feline-investigator-shuffle
  14. Hi, I just finished the overture for a space related adventure game called Space and Beyond (wt). The game itself is still in development. The chief programer wanted it to be as "bombastic as possible",so I tried my best... Though it was a very time consuming work, I am still not entirely satisfied with the overall sound, especially the brass lines. Maybe you could give me some hints on how to make it sound more realistic. Thanks a lot! :-) https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/space-and-beyond-march-to-the-stars-main-title Best regards Dustin
  15. Mulahey

    Feedback on my music

    Thanks for your feedback and the tips, that helps a lot! And I am glad that you like it :-) @ ddrummerman: yes, you're right about the triplet motif. In the piano transcription I did exactly that:    By this time I finally got the chance to score my first little short film. You can check it out here: 
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