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  5. conflict between two video game grad schools

    A few clubs, groups, and events, yes.    The Salt Lake metro area has over a million people. If you include the entire Wasatch front (all the bedroom communities and smaller cities squished between the Wasatch mountains on the East and lakes and mountains on the West) it is over 2 million people. The Wasatch front is only about 15 miles wide and about 100 miles tall. The limited available land serves to increase population density.   Consequently you can find just about anything a city that size has to offer. For the very few things you cannot get (e.g. organized gambling is illegal in the state) it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Wendover, Nevada.     Well it sounds it's a great place to live in. I think the liquor law scared me a bit. Thank you for your epic reply. Hope to see you when I get there.
  6. conflict between two video game grad schools

    Thank you so much for the vast amount of information. I don't think I would have time for parties, but it wouldn't hurt if I could smell of it before I leave US someday.      It sounds awesome. Would there be some underground music scene(like live clubs) too? If so, I think it will light up my stay since I love rock and electronic(Glitch hop nowadays)  music. I've been playing electric guitar for over 10 years and currently working in a software synthesizer company. It will be stunning if I could play in a band.       I definitely want to! Don't know why but strangely I feel like I could possibly notice you.
  7. conflict between two video game grad schools

      Oh, sorry. My bad. And thanks.   You're absolutely right about graduate studies. But here's the thing: Since I'm not an American, I thought grad study will help me grasp a chance to get a job in US game industry (video game industry in my country is quite lame). ETC and EAE has got some connection with EA. So.. it's basically a bad idea, but the least bad idea, I thought.   On the other hand, there is a purpose of knowing stuff too: I want an ability to build my own game engine but it feels overwhelming to me designing a huge system for now. UofU EAE program especially says that they teaches how to build a sound game engine over 3 semesters.
  8. conflict between two video game grad schools

      If you're serious about studying, this shouldn't be an issue.   You're right. I just wished there would be a club I can go like once a quarter.
  9. I'm a CS graduate who always have wanted to work in a company that makes AAA video games. My goal after that is to be an indie game developer. I have applied to some grad schools that teaches how to make video games and just got accepted from CMU ETC(Entertainment Technology Center and UofU EAE (Entertainment Arts and Engineering I assume while UofU has a really good core curriculum about designing and building a game engine from scratch, CMU is more focused on designing creative stuff using tools like Panda3D or Unity3D. It seems obvious that I can be a real specialist in UofU EAE, but the reputation of Carnegie Mellon University and rumors about Salt Lake City's boring atmosphere makes me agonize. Any advice?