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      Vynce, If you want to become a professional game designer, you must stop using horrible grammar and atrocious writing habits immediately (if not sooner). You must always capitalize the word "I," and use commas appropriately, for starters. if u really love to write been writing since u could hold a pencil then u have to sho it dood Do you see how that last sentence looks? I could give you lots more advice but I'd need to know more about you: How old are you? What's your level of education? What's your current occupation? (If student: "student") And I probably need to know what country you live in (where in the world are you?).   Read: http://sloperama.com/advice/designprep.htm   i use proper grammar and punctuation when I write as I put more energy and thought behind it but i could probably use a refresher course. And to answer your questions, 1. I am 27 2. I have some college education, not much i'm afraid 3. I'm self employed you could say 4. I live in upstate new york, USA
  2. I alway's wanted to be a games programmer but i can never focus as to learn what i need to do and be proficient at it, and when i dabble with games creation as a hobby i always and almost immediatly find myself starting with the design side of it. i love to write been writing since i could hold a pencil. i love to build maps, create puzzles scientifically and mythodically break down every small aspect of what i make down to the smallest detail. so my question is what should i do to pursue and become professional or atleast adept enough to be called a game designer.   please excuse my horrible grammar.   vynce