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  1. IceCave

    A Spin-off: CryEngine 3 SDK Checked with PVS-Studio

    Wow, that was impressively uninteresting. Conclusion: Every project contains bugs, you just can't eliminate them all.   It is just a list of potential false/positive bugs you found with a tool. Is it proven that those bugs are functional bugs or if those code fragments are used at all? We don't know even that.   Next article should be a list of the results when you search for "software bug" in google images.
  2. My only thought during this video was: This is exactly how a dice looks like! :D The opposite sites are always summing up to 7 so this is actually the only logical conclusion how a dice can look like...   I liked the voice but I always thought that dice in english is spelled dice and not dye.   It would have been a good idea to mention The Settlers Of Catan at the beginning and explain everything around it, but I got the message. The following videos get more interesting.   All in all I am interested and like the format. :)
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