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  1. GhoulsMiner

    working on tutorial right now, and I just realized that I could shrink the map size to add variety to our stage  anyway which one would you prefer guys? [url=]here's the full size[/url]  
  2. GhoulsMiner

    We're working on the story and dialog right now. Google doc is really helpful for us  also here's preview for the Trials Board   and random drawing from spiralhalo, right one is the current design of Nion  
  3. GhoulsMiner

    made some progress on the intro, just started to understand Starling Filter a lot better. I'm just gonna leave the gif here. Pardon the unfinished dialogue, spiralhalo is too lazy busy to finish it at the moment.  
  4. GhoulsMiner

    this is our recent status update. we're working on the mission board along with the mission system, which is the second last important piece for the game (the other one being the cutscenes) on another news, we had a composer joined us to work with the game music we're currently waiting to hear back from him here is a mockup sketch for the mission board (pardon the intentional misspelling   and an older sketch (rejected)
  5. GhoulsMiner

    finally all three of them are done. I still have to make their expression tho.   There's no one who know his name, but people simply refer to him as "The Devil". Unlike other demons, he is a fair businessman and very rational, so don't afraid to sell your soul to him.
  6. GhoulsMiner

    Hi guys, i bring you some new updates! spiralhalo had been reworking the tiles (again)   a preview for ice-room (he said that so far, this is his best pixel work) he finished the dialog box too oh, it feels so good to finally see my artwork in the game (even though it's just a mockup). I should do something like this more often  and guess who's coming
  7. GhoulsMiner

    thanks ^_^ finished another avatar. It took me 1 week to do this. Anyway, Chatom is a spirit cat that owns a treehouse called Death's Abode. It's a basecamp for adventurer who wants to explore the Weeping Tower nearby. He's also an acquaintance of the Devil.
  8. GhoulsMiner

    A bit late to the party, but here's a concept art for Chatom the ghost cat (cat ghost?) made by spiralhalo It's basically a hi-res version of the sprite, as a reference for the dialogue avatar that i'm working on
  9. GhoulsMiner

    Art & character design progress for Welsho Nion, the bottom-right will be used for dialogue avatar. The top images were done by spiralhalo. You can see the initial design that he made. He actually responsible to draw dialogue avatar too, but I forced him to give that task to me. I wanted to draw something that not too anime, I even draw something creepy. But the final piece is still looking anime-ish
  10. GhoulsMiner

    we made some notable changes to the game recently now the game has mission system that asks player to complete missions in 4 different dungeons. another addition includes a harder block variant. Spiralhalo revamped the art to match the change, as well as adding some cool contrast. you can tell which are the harder block variant by their similarity. There are still some correction to be done but we liked the new style so far   following the mission system, the house now has 4 trophy slots that stores a new trophy for every dungeon cleared. you will be able to access an endless mode for each dungeon from those trophies later (the cat double is due to debugging)  
  11. GhoulsMiner

    halo had been working on Nion sprite v1  v2 v3 The left one is the first sprite that he made. Then he changed it to v2, but it's not really fit on the stage. So v3 is the current sprite that we use. There's also other form that Nion would use after taking powerups. But it's still based on v2 style. We might change it later.
  12. GhoulsMiner

    thanks Lazy Raiders seems cool, I probably should try it. The game is still slowly worked on. I hope I could increase my pace faster Anyway, I made a design for the Devil, what do you think guys.
  13. GhoulsMiner

    This is our game from SkyForts. It's a platformer game with additional mechanic such as stage-rotating and tile-headbutt. The game itself told the story of Welsho Nion who had sold her soul to a Devil. Instead of killing Nion and took her soul, the Devil made Nion his subordinate and forced her to collect souls. Thus, Nion's day as ghouls-miner begins.   GhoulsMiner's main screen Game Play The objective on GhoulsMiner is to collect fragment souls inside dungeon by using Nion’s 3 basic ability: Platforming, Headbutting, and Stage-Rotating, which are the core-mechanics of this game. Fragment soul resides on Gem and Ghoul, so to get them Nion has to mine gem or beat ghouls. inside the dungeon The Gem itself also acts as ingame-currency that Nion could use to upgrade her powerup. There are 3 types of gem, so we use 3 currency system.   shop Our inspiration for the game comes from Mario, Spelunky, Pacman, etc. Team GhoulsMiner is being worked on by 2 people. Myself, mostly working on the code, and spiralhalo doing the graphic and story. That's all for now. Later I will explain more about gameplay and story.   Meanwhile, you could follow us on and @SkyForts