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  1. My name is Peter and I'm a 25 years old hobby developer. I've learnt programming since i'm 15. I'm most fluently in Java, Python, Javascript. But I have decent experience with C#, Actionscript/Haxe, PHP, Lua. I'm into game development since 3-4 years now. I would like to meet some people to partner up and collaborate with or just talk and share experiences, that would be also nice. My 3d Art skills are intermediate, my 2d skills are not that good. I would like to experience game dev in a team, with either an artist or programmer. I would like to start on a project we decide together and learn, improve and have fun with it. I'm living in Austria(EU) so I would like to meet people in the near of my timezone so something about GMT+0 - GMT +3. If you are interested and/or struggle on staying motivated on a project alone, like me, than you should contact me via PM.
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