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  1. JoAndRoPo

    Other ideas related to Tower of London Lofic

    Oh Wow! Thanks! Wiki even gave the solution and what not... That explains why I wasn't getting a good reference... I want to create a game related to this... Any ideas you can provide?
  2. Hi! Is there by any chance you can give me an idea/concept that's different but related to the game Tower of London? (Is it called Tower of London?) Can you show me some reference images, games or videos related to the same? I've attached a reference image. Thanks!
  3. JoAndRoPo

    Calculating Expierence - Logic? Formula?

    I just realized after testing the game yesterday night that 15 mins are for 2 players... But in the board game, a total of 4 players can join at a time which increases the gameplay time to nearly 45 min. Jeez!!! 😮 You're right! After you mentioned of columns G and J, the number of times the player has to play to reach the next level is totally insane... 😩 There is something wrong with the logic... And I managed to talk to a programmer who told me that an algorithm is used to calculate player progression... He sent me this link from Wikipedia - Arithmetic Progression ... I'm not really good at maths or with formulas... But once someone explains or just show an example of how things are done, I can take it over from there onwards... At the moment it's a bit tough for me to grasp... Back to the drawing board...
  4. JoAndRoPo

    Calculating Expierence - Logic? Formula?

    Hi! I need a little help/tips regarding Player XP Level Up for a simple board game I'm creating... I have attached a screenshot... Does it make sense the way I'm calculating Player XP?
  5. Hi there! How are offers decided? and when should they be shown to the player? I've seen offer pop-ups presented to the players during festive seasons, for example 'Get 50% off this Christmas', etc., Any tips? Examples?
  6. JoAndRoPo

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Hi! I have a doubt regarding the Daily Bonus. Let's say 7 days. Player receives Daily Bonus in Day#1, Day#2, Misses Day#3, Plays on Day#4, and so on. What happens when the player misses a day? Does the Daily Bonus reset back to day#1? or does the player miss the reward of the missed date and continue to receive the reward on the next day? Can you name me some games that have used a unique daily bonus logic?
  7. JoAndRoPo

    Store Values

    Hi! Question#1 - Is it OK to take another game store values for my game? Will, there be any issues of any kind? Question#2 - How are store values calculated? For example, the below values is taken from Clash Royale... 80 Gems for $0.99, 500 Gems for $4.99, 1200 Gems for $9.99, 2500 Gems for $19.99, 6500 Gems for $49.99, 14000 Gems for $99.99 How are 1200 gems calculated for $9.99? and so on...
  8. Here are a few examples of daily challenges in other spider solitaire games - Day 1 - Solve the Deck Day 2 - Earn a Score of 400 Day 3 - Complete the game within X Time Day 4 - Solve the deck without using Hints/Undo Day 5 - etc, etc., These games have about 5 challenges and it just keeps repeating after day 5. The problem I'm facing is, these challenges is the same for most spider solitaire games. I would like to add something different. Something unique... I have to create about 30 daily challenges. I tried cracking my brains to come up with something different. Just hoping someone out there can come up with a new daily challenge idea for a simple game like spider solitaire. Also note, the spider solitaire game I'm creating is the classic version. There's no power-ups or any other fancy features, which makes it even more challenging to come up with a unique/different idea.
  9. Hi! I'm creating a spider solitaire game in my free time and will be adding daily challenges. There will be a challenge each day until the end of the month. After which, the challenges will reset for the next month. I do have some in mind but for a card game, creating unique challenges for each day is kind of tough. I played Microsoft's Spider Solitaire's daily challenges and found them to be the same/boring after a while. I would love to hear your ideas (unique) if any. Something different from the daily challenges created by Microsoft Spider Solitaire.
  10. There are players who just add 2 -3 stars but doesn't comment on why they added only 2 - 3 stars. I was thinking, those players who are busy/lazy to add a review of the games they played, rated stars based on topics like the art style, music, gameplay, etc. And if they didn't rate a star on a particular topic, we the developers would know where we have to really put our effort in. But if I recall correctly, I think I did see a statistics kind of info regarding the art, gameplay, music, etc. for the games in the google play store. It could also be just as you mentioned - I was overthinking it :D... Edit: Haa! There are stats about Feature Ratings like - Gameplay, Controls, Graphics when I check a game out in the google play store. How are these ratings created?
  11. Hi! I was wondering if there's a meaning to each star rating when rating a game? For example, 1 star for the art style, another 1 star for the music/SFX, etc. Or, is it like I'm asking you, out of 5 stars, how many stars would you rate the game?
  12. Hi! How do you calculate tournament timings in online games? For example, if it's morning here (everyone is awake) and if it's night on the other side of the planet (everyone is asleep), then how do you let players all around the world play the tournament? Is it that players have to select their country before starting a game and accordingly the tournament is created for each nation depending on their time zone? Can you give me some examples of games using different methods, if any? I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask here? Even I'm not sure if I asked the right question? Thanks!
  13. JoAndRoPo

    Requirements for a sound artist in Games

    Hi Everyone!!! Sorry for replying so late... First of all, thanks a million for replying to my question. Only after going through your replies I realized that I should have elaborated/added more info to the question I posted. But I don't think that's important now since the info I received from all of you was more than enough to understand what I should look for in a sound artist or at least the level the sound artist should be. This is the first time my company is hiring a sound artist and the games we are creating is small, like cards (solitaire type) and casino games. So I really don't think that I should be hiring a professional sound artist who's asking for a huge pay. And my company at the moment can't afford to pay a huge amount for the type of games we are currently developing. I should have mentioned all this in the question I posted. My Bad! But instead, we are hiring a fresher who has some idea (fingers crossed) about game music and has worked on audio editing/DAW software like audacity, Logic Pro, etc. and maybe have some skills in any musical instruments. Someone who can come up with BG, SFX & VO that matches with the theme of the game. So basically, we want the sound artist to either create a whole BG Music, SFX & VO from scratch or take and manipulate from other sources (of course, we will keep in mind the licensing part and also copying the exact music). After the interview, we will be giving the candidate a test. We will give the candidate a game that we created which doesn't contain any BG Music, SFX, etc. And with the help of audio editing/DAW software that he/she is familiar with, will have to come up with a BG music, SFX, etc., The objective of the test is to see if the candidate can match the BG music, SFX, and VO with the theme of the game. DOES THIS MAKES SENSE? //scratching head// Do you think this is enough for creating BG Music, SFX & VO for small games or did I miss something? Remember, we are hiring a fresher who has just come straight out of college. Once again, thank you all for replying to my question. I did learn a lot from your replies. Edit: I forgot to mention, regarding VO, I know the sound artist won't be able to come up with the VO we are expecting. So is there any agencies that can make the VO according to our specifications? Like an old man's voice, child's voice, etc? I'm searching online but just want to be sure if anyone here has any experience in sending VO and how should I send them the list? In Excel? What should I mention in the list? BTW, I'm situated in India.
  14. Hi! I need a sound artist for creating bg, sfx, etc for games in a small startup company. What qualification or skills should I search for? What software should he/she know? Is there anything else he/she should know when creating BG music, sfx, etc? Any tips before I start searching?
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