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  1. Hi. I'm releasing a text mmoRPG soon (like a mud but unique codebase, windows client only, heavy on UI features, not command locked).  I am in need of writing are descriptions.  i have maps layed out already with npcs and quests just need some text atmosphere.  There's no central story the maps are just rather random.  So you can if you want make a theme for an area or just write whatever. It can be submit in a text document a server's up to look at whats running. thanks,
  2. I'm working on a online rpg text game.  It runs on a custom Windows client with many UI features (Such as panels for inventory, quests), which shortcut to the console commands.   It's fantasy based but has little map/room content beyond the temporary newbie maps.   Basically the writing will include location intros, npc name description, and dialogue creation, possibly quest creation, and item creation.lore descriptions.  Or any of these.  It is a hobby project but I do wish for a release with enough content to call it a release.   I'd l ike the locations of the world to have their own story/lore going, so you would have a lot of control over creating the areas and their atmospheres.
  3. keninn

    Project Strat

    oook i deleted my first post.   Im running a game named renamed to Astria. It's an online text rpg.   Here's a youtube link.   There's an editor version which allows content creation. If anyone is interested in adding to the world. There's more info at the temporary site www.litefarm.net/astria. Thanks  
  4. keninn

    Project Strat

  5. keninn

    Flashback Games (1980s-1990s)

    thank you for crashing my laptop
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