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  1. MARIO_H

    Bullet physics character

    Bold part makes me unhappy. Luckily i did not scrap kinematic ctrl. so i can always go back. Although currently its fine as it is for my needs.
  2. MARIO_H

    Bullet physics character

      Looks good. Did you try to implement sloping floors though? That was the thing I could never get right with a Bullet rigid body. Messing about with friction and trying to stop it sliding down the slopes drove me to distraction.   Yes. On slopes larger than about 45 degrees I get very slow sliding down.I will have to look into it.
  3. MARIO_H

    Bullet physics character

    I made controller based on btKinematicCharacterController and another based on rigid body for testing puposes Both need work. Much more on btKinematicController I think.Its ghost object so you must calculate collisions yourself. At the end I went rigid body way. Clip:
  4. MARIO_H

    Bullet physics character

    Take camera forward direction  vector and setLinearVelocity with it.
  5. I had same or similar problem Try changing m_fixContactNormalDirection from 1 to 0 in constructors of btGjkPairDetector That helped me.
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