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  1. Jaxter

    help me pick a game engine

    Unity is a great entry point in my opinion. I've enjoyed experimenting with it thus far.  You will be quite surprised, with the amount you can achieve in short time with Unity, which is gratifying for anyone needing motivation.      You don't need the pro license to do some pretty awesome stuff with Unity. 
  2.   "what I call 'achievement' would certainly be different than you. For example, I considered it an important achievement when I finally became comfortable enough to write programs in object-oriented style"  Being comfortable enough to write programs in object-oriented style would certainly be an achievement to me.  Making a sprite appear on a screen would be a massive achievement too.  But yes, applying what I'm learning to things I'm interested in has increased my motivation, and has certainly decreased the amount of time I procrastinate.  I have already begun taking your suggestion with achievements.  Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.      I can't seem to find anyone in my town who shares the same interests (I'm sure there is though).  Thanks for the great advice, and the site you have referred me to is awesome.       I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to post advice in the thread. As a result of your helpfulness, I have started improving. 
  3.   I really appreciate the advice you have posted. (I'm sure the post in the other thread is great, considering the greatness of this one).  I'm currently in my last month of High School and I've finished my computing course. However, it didn't involve any kind of programming at all, just working with spreadsheets and creating a multimedia product. In all honesty, I believe that creating a schedule and planning my time will be good for me. (p.s. nice karate kid reference).       Some inspiring words - much appreciated.       I prefer being independent when learning though. Although, I wouldn't mind teaming up with other novice programmers in the same boat as me in future. 
  4.   You need focus, hard work, completing goals, and welcome the challenges as the cost of making progress.       Fantastic advice, thanks. 
  5.   Thanks I will certainly try that.  I have tried the very basic of graphics programming in Java. I think it was making a circle appear in a window.      Thanks for the suggestion, but I would prefer to stick with Java now I've started it.
  6. Hi.   I am posting this thread, because for such a long time I have tried to learn programming. I'm now re-attempting, and learning OOP concepts etc.. However, sometimes I feel that reading tutorials are quite tedious for my mind, and it results in me feeling de-motivated and I tend to wonder off into constant procrastination. As a result this is making me feel bad, because when I see others out there who seem to have grasped the knowledge, it makes me feel like I'm stupid, and if I'm not grasping the logic now, how am I supposed to grasp it in the future?   I've jumped from language to language.  From C# to Java, and although I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with Java, there is still elements that trigger me to procrastinate, and I just can't seem to understand some things.  While learning programming as a beginner, (I only know HTML & CSS) did anyone else experience a hard time while learning? Is this actually a bad thing, or is it good to have a hard experience while learning? Any advice would be much appreciated.   Please don't hate on my thread - I only joined the forums, because I want to obtain honest advice from those with experience.    Thanks.   Jax. 
  7. Jaxter

    My first dev software

    You could take a look at RPGMaker. No coding knowledge needed. Downside is that you can't create 3d games. 
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