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  1. longbottomup

    Facebook Graph API error?

  2. longbottomup

    Facebook Graph API error?

    Update: that pictures is demo, in the fact, i send request with me/apprequest method with request_id, but it's still send request to myself. Somebody help me fix it?
  3. longbottomup

    Facebook Graph API error?

    I'm writing one game with facebook socials. So, i always get this error in my app also Graph APi Explorer:     I have searched on google for found solution, very much, but have no ideal. Someone tell me what's error?
  4. longbottomup

    [Android SDK]Payment items

    Thank you so much,i i will try.
  5. Hi guy, I'm a game developer, but I just wrote offline game before. Now, I'm writing one game online and have sold items, like Gem-Clash of Clan or Floor-Happy Street. Can you tell me something or simple project about it. should i start it from where? Thank you.
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