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  1. twinspectre

    Csharp Unity Awake() function

    @Lactose, in fact you explained it Differently compared the others, kudos for you
  2. twinspectre

    Csharp Unity Awake() function

    with B code you mean script B, right?
  3. twinspectre

    Csharp Unity Awake() function

    everything I read or watch videos about Awake, I see a parrot (I don't want to be offensive) I don't have a script, but I'm confused on what's the deal with Awake, how it can benefit, what I can insert in the awake function, is a topic I want to understand very well
  4. Hi all, I'm new to Unity and Programming in general, but I learned the basic of Csharp. I wanted to ask you all and I hope I will get a more constructive answer, I tried to ask this question to other forums and I get the same repsonse.   I understand that Awake start before the Start() functions and following Start() We have Update() and so on.   I would like to know Why We need to use Awake, what I should insert in Awake functions, how it works, what's the deal with Awake, well I would like to understand everything about Awake()   I've read the Unity Documentation about awake, I saw videos about awake and it seems some people don't understand what awake is, because all they do is repeating like a parrot   You can post a script where you can help me to understand this topic
  5. twinspectre

    Maya smooth shades like blender

    Thanks it worked :D
  6. twinspectre

    Maya smooth shades like blender

    sorry, but what you mean with Normals?
  7. twinspectre

    Maya smooth shades like blender

    sorry if this is not the right place, but i wonder if i can see the shades smooth just like with Blender where all i need to click is Shades then select between Smooth or Flat here's a image i would like to see my polygons like this
  8. twinspectre

    c# loop

    i tought i was on forBeginners section , but i was wrong  because i want some explanation from your point of view , but all you do is giving me a link to google so , we dont need a community that help the beginners  that's a great place    i know what is google , but all i wanted was your point of view about C# looping thats it
  9. twinspectre

    c# loop

    so , you don't know what a loop is? 
  10. twinspectre

    c# loop

    hi , im a new user  i would like to know what is a loop , how it works , what it does and an explenation would be great :)  i want to join this fantastic world of game developer  i need help ;) p.s sorry for my bad english and i use c# 
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