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    I Will The Game

    A few weeks ago we've posted that we are adding new characters to the game which are guard dogs. Their purpose in the game is the same as that of the guards. What different is in comparison with the guards, the dogs can smell when you are near and they can follow your trail.  We've succeeded in integrating the guard dogs into the game and here are some screenshots!           We really appreciate all the feedback we've been getting and we take them all into consideration. Every week we notice that our game is improving in terms of graphics and animations. We still need your vote to get to greenlight. So if you haven't voted yet, go now on steam and vote for I Will Escape!  Thanks for your support!
  2. I Will The Game

    I Will The Game

    Please Vote for I Will Escape on STEAM! Help us get the greenlight...     We've also release a trailer (BETA version) for the game. Check it out: I Will Escape Trailer (BETA)    
  3. If u haven't seen the 'I Will Escape' trailer yet... Here it is! http://t.co/iRBLVhKe5L #iwillescape #indiegame #gamedev #steam #greenlight
  4. We're improving our game! Check out what we have been up to! http://t.co/bzGMTSgfn6 #iwillthegame #indiegame #gamedev #MOCAP
  5. I Will The Game

    I Will The Game

    We're excited to announce that we are now using motion capture! A few days ago we were having fun with motion capture and transformed a lot of motions into digital data. We've decided to use motion capture, because we received a lot of criticism on our animations and we want to improve them. The motion capture will smoothen the movements of Brian and make him more 'life-like'. As you can see in the pictures below, one of our co-workers is covered in wires which are connected to sensors. The other  co-worker is transforming the motions into digital data. We would like to thank the Grafisch Lyceum, school for art and design, for their time and for letting us use their motion capture equipment.  In the future we will publish the data that we have captured so that you can use it in Blender for your projects. Soon we will be posting more about what we've created during the motion capture session.  So stay tuned!      
  6. RT @XDStudios: Good Monday to everyone in #gamedev land!
  7. I Will The Game

    I Will The Game

    We have created a new enemy for the game to make it a little more interesting and maybe also a bit more difficult. So we've added dogs as guards. They will either walk around together with a guard or they will be walking around alone. The dog is a Doberman and he will be doing the same things as the human guards. We would also like them to be able to smell and pick up scents. Brian will need to avoid the paths that the dogs take and distract them with other elements.   This is the dog we have created for our game I Will Escape. We used Blender to make the model, the unwrap, the rig, the skin and we also made some animations. The model has 3306 triangles and the texture is a Diffuse map(1024x1024). We are not yet sure how we will animate the dog but we are working on it.   Your feedback is highly appreciated!
  8. I Will The Game

    I Will The Game

        Thnx. We are now using low anti-aliasing. We have to check how it will look like with high anti-aliasing and the effect it will have on the framerate (FPS).
  9. I Will The Game

    I Will The Game

      Woken up in an isolation cell completely stripped of all his gear, the convicted marine Brian, has lost memory of everything that has happened the past 24 hours. He has no idea how he got there, but he is sure about one thing... I WILL ESCAPE! Because this game is a lot of work we decided to cut it into three chapters. We have been working on this game for about 2,5 years, using the open source tool Blender. The game has a play time of more than three hours and can be played on Mac, Linux and Windows. I Will Escape is a third person action/adventure indie game. You have the choice to play the game with either a game controller or your keyboard + mouse. The main mechanics are walking, jumping, hanging, kicking, grabbing items using inventory and building traps. It is not an easy game with hints like shiny stuff or particles around interactive objects. You have to find stuff yourself.   Check out the TEASER!   At first we weren't using shadows. But several people have asked us about it and the past week we have worked on creating shadows. First we thought we weren't going to succeed, because it would have a big effect on the frame rate. But we finally succeeded!   Below you can see a few screenshots with and without shadows.   Your feedback is highly appreciated!   Follow us on Twitter and LIKE us on Facebook. Also check us out on STEAM! Soon we will be going to the Green Light.     Screenshots without shadow           Screenshots with shadow        
  10. Gamers in the Netherlands! Interested in testing our PC game? The playtest will be on the 18th and 19th of April. #iwillthegame #gamedev
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