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  1. Hell of an answer frob. Not what I was looking for, but one hell of good an answer anyway :0)   With the cost of the unreal engine license coming way down, that's got to cut down on development time and costs dramatically, no?
  2. It ain't easy being cheesy...yeah, so I guess I am way off in my calculations. So everything I am hearing, reading and seeing in putting together a competitive online FPS is no small feat. As per my research, a lot of the AAA games were a lot less in way of cost to deploy and market (where marketing is a huge part of the cost) from what you state above frob. I do feel these cost estimates may be a bit exaggerated, and can be curbed quite a bit as per what Tom from 2015 is telling me. Is there really no way to do something like this on a smaller budget???
  3. So, I have a contact that was the lead for the first Medal of Honor with Steven Spielberg (Tom Kudirka of 2015.com), and I told him I was interested in deving a Quake Live knock-off (with much improvement), which is a competition FPS arena shooter.   Anyway, he remarks that he would love to go into dev with me on this project, as long as I had the several million it would cost for production, sighting that the AAA games cost $10s of millions to produce.    Ok...   I have the market influence and penetration for audience support of this game, I have the business, marketing and management experience to run a dev company (have held top exec roles in dif companies, and am a CEO of a Charity today), and I have pro-gamers (and a little bother who is pro) as friends who would fully support our release..and I can raise money for funding...but I am not interested in funding or building the next AAA release.    I just want to build a better Quake Live, as Bethesda (the company who acquired id software) is totally neglecting supporting the game and is losing its player base. I know we can do it better...   So here I am looking to build a team, and honestly looking at what kind of budget I would need to do it - and on a budget, as an indie dev start-up?   I'd like to dev on the unreal engine, and it's just gotten insanely cheap to licence btw. I'd want this to mimic QL in the sense that it would be a competition first person arena shooter, based on performance before eye-candy (but that's important too). I have some ideas that would really set this apart, but I also know what is needed to attract the hard-core crowd and keep them.   So yes, multiple points here, but with that...   Can anyone give me a ballpark idea of what kind of budget it would take to do something like this, from front to back?   Thank you,   DC
  4. I am probably the opposite in the effect that I am more the business side than technical, even though I code (sites and apps, not games).   I am actually looking to build an FPS competition arena shooter (similar to Quake Live), and the team that wants to back me wants way too much money...so now I am looking into indie production.    So I am curious as to what you want to do, what kind of games, is it you or do you have a team, what kind of experience, etc.   Thanks and GL...   DC
  5. After reading the reply here, and the recent post from Tutorial Doctor about the new personal cloud device, it seems that online gameplay networks are expensive to deploy...at least that's what it seems. Are there inexpensive or at least cost efficient solutions?   Just wondering if this is a problem that could use a solution, or is there something already out there? Considering the cost to deploy a global network of 100 severs (or whatever it would take to serve your player-base), you would think that someone has come up with a reasonably priced solution by now? If not, then it sounds like a business opportunity in there somewhere :0)     Thoughts?   Thanks, DC
  6. A little something from Antic over at the ROTN forum:     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Leader, ROTN (Revenge of the Noobz) Quake Live http://www.rotn-clan.info   Lead Project Manager - FPS Shooter
  7. Thank you hplus for your replies thus far. Just looking for direction and a starting point and this does help.   I know the better pings on QL are 50 and below...but often you will find 70 plus for servers in your area (east coast, west coast, etc) with servers for my area, being Florida, all up and down the east coast (up to Canada)   So I am seeing a number of $10 mil to properly deploy a global network in those demographics that covers apx 80% is what you are saying above. Now I understand that Quake is an iconic brand, but my gut tells be they have nowhere close to 10mil in servers, even globally. Would you agree? I can, off the top of my head, count maybe 15 server locations across the US, and that may be high... I was guessing they may have had a couple hundred grand into their network, but that's not an educated guess by no means.    Thanks again.   DC       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Leader, ROTN (Revenge of the Noobz) Quake Live http://www.rotn-clan.info   Lead Project Manager - FPS Shooter
  8. We are creating an online multiplayer FPS influenced by Quake Live using the UNREAL engine.    QL has servers all over the place and still we have ping and performance issues (which I have another post regarding netcode and prediction software. If you can help, please see that too)   My question here is, I know that we need servers all over to get the best pings, but can anyone give advice on how close they need to be, or any info I can study in regards to this?   Also,  what kind of servers do we need to deploy on this network? What kind of specs? Any links or detailed answers would be greatly appreciated!!!   Thank you,   DC     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Leader, ROTN (Revenge of the Noobz) Quake Live http://www.rotn-clan.info   Lead Project Manager - FPS Shooter    
  9. We are building a first person shooter on UNREAL that is similar to Q3 and Quake Live - but trying to address the common issues.   I have been doing some research on what’s out there to help with adopting better performance based on netcode taking into consideration the ping/lag issues that seem to be, to this day, a major issue with most-all online game-play.   What is the best solution for a possible licensable netcode plug in we can use for prediction code?   Something I came across is called GGPO that was developed more for fighting games. GGPO is also used in FPS online games and is something we can license, but does anyone know if this is a good or bad solution for prediction software/netcode?   This is the info I found on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GGPO   Are there any other or better solutions?   TY   DC     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Leader, ROTN (Revenge of the Noobz) Quake Live http://www.rotn-clan.info   Lead Project Manager - FPS Shooter
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