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  1. Hello, I am new here so please be kind   I've been a public domain game coder in the past, but real life got in the way.  2 years ago I decided to try my hand at the impossible task of the high fantasy MMO. I doesn't bother me that it is a saturated market - I simply couldn't think of a bigger challenge. It's like Everest, it's there so you have to climb it. All the same if I was honest with myself I did under-estimated it a little bit as I'm still a year or more away from finishing! These are some work in progress shots of my game:   I have not done the shader for the player character models yet so please excuse how rough this one looks.     This is one of the baddies near the start of the game.     I'm really proud of this one, writing a realtime fur shader was very hard but I am delighted with the results, here's a back shot of the same character where you get a much clearer shot of the fur...   All the monsters have specular and normal mapping.   This one also has occlusion map, built into a spare channel on the specular map.   This 6 eyed critter moves underground and leaps up at you, totally scary!   This guy doesn't need to fly to tower over you, but he will anyway   Three heads are better than one - unless you have to chop em all off!   Most of the media has come from various model sites so I am sure some of you will have seen some before, the shaders are all my own work.  The grass is quite good, it's very dense, tall, and has a good draw distance.  The foliage can be quite dense in places and the splat shader is 48 way with normal and specular mapping.   The client is written in BASIC, and I'm doing the server side in BlitzMax with a MySQL database.   I hope you like it, I will post an update a few months on - but if you would like more regular updates then I have a Facebook Group for the alpha testing which I hope to do later in the year, you can find that here:  It's not actually a Facebook game so don't panic if FB isn't your bag - it'll be PC's with shader model 3 or higher - but FB was a convenient way of "blogging" updates about the game without distracting myself with a website until later on.