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  1. Enhex

    Get list of used namespaces

    Thanks, I ended up enumerating global functions.
  2. Enhex

    Get list of used namespaces

    Is it possible to get a list of namespaces used by a module?
  3. Enhex

    shared by default

    The reason for wanting to make things shared is to allow extending the scripts without modifying them, for example having to modify existing scripts to include new script files. If I make everything shared, users should be able to access things from their own script modules. Another approach to achieve this with a single script module is making a way to automatically include script files (ex. include everything from a directory). It seems to make things simpler but also feels more "hacky" than using a language feature. I'm not sure which approach will be better for preventing users from having to modify files - shared everything or auto include (or something else?).
  4. Enhex

    shared by default

    Is it possible to get angelscript to regard everything shared by default, instead of manually adding "shared" to everything? What are the reasons to not declare things shared? One reason I can think about is being able to use global variables. Also is there a way to achieve global shared variables?
  5. Enhex

    Badger badger

    <zao> "GC" does not mean refcounting in any form of vernacular. <Enhex> zao: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage_collection_(computer_science)#Reference_counting <Enhex> so yeah you're wrong <zao> Using the term only serves to win some attempted technicality battle based on personal redefinition. <zao> .kb Enhex I'm wrong. * X3 sets ban on *!*@ * You have been kicked from #gamedev by X3 ((zao) I'm wrong.)
  6. http://www.angelcode.com/angelscript/sdk/docs/manual/doc_datatypes_arrays.html   It doesn't document that for find and findByRef "-1" means "not found".   Also using signed int's -1 is quite a bad kludge because it means you sacrifice 50% of the value range for a single option. Also since the array uses uint length it won't be able to return anything above signed int's max value.   A better solution is to use uint max value (in C++ it can be represented by uint -1). This way there's 1 value to 1 option match up, there's no performance trade-off, and it's possible to address all indexes - 1.
  7. Enhex

    Bullet physics character

    From what I understand ghost objects are for detecting collision between specific objects, so it's suitable for pickups for example.
  8. Enhex

    Bullet physics character

    It's undocumented, and quite messy. And considering Bullet itself is poorly documented you won't find explanations for most of the things you won't know in it. I personally implemented my own character controller for that reason. It takes some work but probably less than "reverse engineer" btKinematicCharacterController, and you'll understand everything in it.
  9. Enhex

    Is Programming Fun or Work for you?

    There are parts which are fun and parts which are annoying. For example: Designing a new system is fun. While getting a poorly made CMake project to compile - it can be hell. Making your vision a reality is fun. Working with poorly documented libraries is painful.
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