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  1. [quote name="dimitros.be" timestamp="1411968340"]. After all this effort, the result will just be a very simple game, with a goat running away from a bug. [/quote] Goats are awesome, don't let anyone tell you otherwise XD
  2. Great article, as you, I am also experienced in more conventional software development but when I decided to pursue my dreams in game programming, I went the engine way and started messing around with Unity, Unreal and so on. That was until I got Game Coding Complete and realized I didn't understand it at all; despite it being such a huge ego crusher I decided to go back to basics and have been going the low level way for a while now. Unfortunately as this path is kind of long I still don't have anything to show for it, but hopefully after several clones of pong, pacman and the always amaszing Space Invaders, I can go on (someday) into making my own 2D /16bit / snes inspired game
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