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  1. About Destiny of a Sorcerer (DOS) has just been released on the Play store. This is a huge adventure game, a labour of love, that was designed with one goal in mind: to be one of the best adventure games available for devices. It is currently retailing at just over £1.00.   Story A terrible storm has battered the whole of Ansilias, causing a young sorcerer - Pyros - to be cut adrift in an endless ocean. An unexpected encounter with a divine being is about to change Pyros' world forever. This sprawling action adventure game features unique 8-Bit graphics, a surprising plot, and is tailor made for phones and tablets. Join Pyros on his quest to reunite the deities and banish the monsters awoken by the mysterious storm.   A series of remarkable - and seemingly disconnected - events happen in quick succession. Only by exploring every inch of Ansilias, solving many puzzles, and interacting with the dozens of inhabitants, can Pyros hope to connect these events and save the world.   Features - Travel the diverse lands and seas of Ansilias... and beyond - Switch between overworld and side controls for puzzle solving and action areas - Meet dozens of characters across many towns and villages - Fight giant bosses to obtain the deities' six tokens of trust - A crazy story, lots of humour, and bizarre characters await you - Find magic spells to shrink, fly, and transform things around you - A strong musical score, distinctive FX, and many voice samples - Upgrade your health and magic points to get 100% completion   Get it now! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.Ansi.mobile   Trailer [VIDEO]https:[/VIDEO]   Website http://dos-game.com/   Gallery Images taken from the first 5 minutes of gameplay.     Thanks for checking DOS out! Comments and feedback always welcomed  
  2. brainskis

    DOS style adventure game: Destiny of a Sorcerer

    First topic updated with trailer. Thanks!
  3. I am very excited to announce that Destiny of a Sorcerer will be released for Android phones in the next few days. I have uploaded a trailer in the meantime. I hope you like it     Previous Update:   Work is well underway for a new mobile / tablet adventure game based on the old-school DOS text graphics engine.   Here are some images of the work done so far:   A haunted house in a remote village requires the help of our miniature hero:   A screen grab of part of the overworld map:   Every good RPG needs a pub - customers coming soon:   Back to the haunted house for some platforming action:   The gates of CastleTown:   A fantasy world awaits:   A barn in the first village:   Our hero's transport:   About the game: Destiny of a Sorcerer (DOS) is a role playing adventure hybrid with side-on action areas.   The mood of the game is jovial: there are lots of silly characters, cliche environments (snowfields, fire mountains, haunted house, castles, villages, a large medieval overworld, and even a distant space station over-head). The game will feel a little like Earthbound (SNES game from the mid-nineties) but there is a gallant, serious feel about the protagonist's mission.   Our hero is an apprentice sorcerer who has set out on a quest to complete his training and become a fully-fledged wizard. His voyage is cut short very early on, however. The game starts with the hero's ship/boat being out of action, and him having to visit a nearby village to look for parts to repair his ship. The village elder agrees to help our hero if he succeeds in a quest.     On completing this 1st quest, word immediately spreads through the land that a strange spacestation has appeared overhead near the 1st village. Our hero rushes to see it. A sense of foreboding is felt through-out the world. This tees the game up for the remaining 5 quests of the game to be completed, which – unbeknownst to our hero – will lead to a final showdown in the stars against an unknown nemesis with designs to destroy the world.   Feedback welcome! Please share your thoughts on how you think this game is shaping up. Ideas on other in-game regions to explore and story elements are also welcome. I am collaborating with a really good team on this but I am still looking for an illustrator to help with the game's comic-book inspired story, website, and other marketing. Please get in touch if you're interested.   The level editor DOS is a sophisticated game beneath the simple graphical veneer. A bespoke game creation tool has been created to help speed along the development of the main game itself. This editor allows the game world and events to be added, and for character sprites and animations to be created. This tool is a nice ANSI text graphics editor in its own right, and very friendly for those who are more artistic than technically savvy. Take a look:     I would be interested in making the editor available to the community to work on designing levels for DOS. I am not expecting this to be paid work, at this stage, but if anyone serious about doing so we can certainly talk.   Thanks for reading and please do offer feedback! You may also wish to check out another game I released recently on Android: Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness.    
  4. Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness has just been released for Android via Google Play.     This is an open world adventure game with a unique LCD graphical style. There are hours of exploration ahead of you as well as stunning sound and artwork. There are achievements to unlock, 40 orbs to collect across 4 lands, as well as a beautifully illustrated game story.    If you enjoyed SNES adventure RPGs growing up, or you have a penchant for LCD handhelds, I think you will enjoy this title. If you don't know what those things are, but you are looking for something more fulfilling than than most mobile offerings - you can do a lot worse than Veritas LCD.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.brainskis.VeritasLcd   Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi Ravyne. It is very rewarding to read your reply: you really 'get' what I am trying to do here :) Thank you so much for posting!    There is plenty to say on this topic: the advent of the achievement system in recent years lends itself really well to Veritas. I can't wait for everyone to experience it.   And I opted out of traditional blips and beeps in favour of realistic effects and a rousing selection of music tracks (written by Tim Beek). I am every bit as proud of how this area has turned out.   There is also a lot of lore, some beautiful artwork and I hired a very talented guy to help with the story. There is a lot going on to separate this game from the Game and Watch game you remember!   Thanks again Ravyne!
  6. Hi all,   I have recently completed development of an Android adventure game called Veritas: light Conquers Darkness. I am talking to some publishers at the moment and I hope Veritas will be in the wild in the coming days.   Please check out the trailer here:   The homepage is here. More pics and information:  www.veritaslcd.com   Some screenies:         This game will be made available at a very reasonable price and will feature NO in app purchases or advertising. It will be released for Android first and will come out on IOS afterwards if there is demand (Steam is also a very real option).   I'd love to hear your initial impressions and - if you are a games publisher - I'd love to talk to you about getting this game out there. Also - if you're a reviewer and would like to spread the word about this game, get in touch.    Every Like, Comment, retweet helps.    Thanks so much for reading
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