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  1. Alright, you'll have to help me a bit here, because I don't get your code. First and foremost, why do you want to have two or more handlers for the same route? You can only send one response for each HTTP request, so it doesn't make sense to have more than one function handle the request. Where are you trying to put more than one handlers for the same route? The only routes I see in your code are different. router.get('/Administration/Alliances', (req, res) => controllerAdmin.findcidade3(connection, req, res)) router.get('/Administration/Alliances/limitado', (req, res) => controlleruser.findAlianca(connection, req, res)) Which endpoint are you calling when you get the error? Does any error or stack trace appear in your console? Also, the way you pasted the code is really hard to follow, next time can you put each file in a different code snippet with the name of the file at the top? Here's an example of what I mean: // main.js const { twilight } = require('ponies') console.log(twilight) // ponies.js module.exports = { twilight: { name: 'Twilight Sparkle', type: 'alicorn', element: 'magic' }, rainbow: { name: 'Rainbow Dash', type: 'pegasus', element: 'loyalty' }, pinkie: { name: 'Pinkie Pie', type: 'earth pony', element: 'laughter' }, rarity: { name: 'Rarity', type: 'unicorn', element: 'generosity' }, fluttershy: { name: 'Fluttershy', type: 'pegasus', element: 'kindness' }, applejack: { name: 'Applejack', type: 'earth pony', element: 'honesty' }, } And make sure that your code is properly formatted, there are many tools out there to format your code nicely for you. With these two things, it would be a lot easier to understand your code and try to help you.
  2. Avalander

    Monetization Problem

    What is the average click-through-rate for Admob? This numbers are usually low, many times under 1%. If you would look at the data I generate as a user, it would look more like 50k views, 0 clicks, so... Anyhow, if this is not that you suspect a programming error but you want to increase your CTR or find other monetisation options, maybe this post would get better answers in the Business section?
  3. I don't need cutting edge hyperrealist graphics, but if the graphics don't look polished it kinda turns me off. Thus I might never experience the game's depth and innovative gameplay.
  4. Avalander

    Scrum metodology

    Sure, there's some math involved in it. Hopefully, the gameplay programmer doesn't need to care about how things are drawn on screen because there's some other module taking care of it. At most, they need to think about where to draw a box and which color to use for the text. More to the point of agile methodologies, no amount of math will tell you whether the players will like the dialog system or hate it. The best way to figure that out is to get a prototype of the system out for play test, get feedback on it and improve, hence the point of scrum and other iterative processes. Well, I don't know about that. I've developed entire backend services serving hundreds of thousands of requests per second, and the most complex math I've needed is "if one server can handle ten thousand requests per second, how many servers do I need to handle a hundred thousand requests per second?" (except when I had to work with timezones, timezones are a headache, don't do timezones, kids)
  5. Avalander

    Scrum metodology

    Well, yeah, but we've built abstractions over basic computation operations to be able to not think about that all the time. A gameplay programmer developing a dialog system is thinking about how the player will interact with NPCs and what's the best UI to present that interaction, not which bits they need to shift. If we had to go that low level for any programming task, the cognitive load required for any non-trivial task would explode.
  6. Avalander

    Need help and advice

    You might want to try this forum's classifieds section, where you can start a thread asking for help. Since we're here, why not use this site's blog section?
  7. Avalander

    Ways to avoid Subconscious Prejudice

    I guess that the big problem is that, being it a unconscious bias, it's not that easy to realise you're biased and correct your behaviour accordingly in situ. One thing that I've tried and it's mentioned in many trainings and talks about unconscious bias is this: set aside a few minutes every day to reflect about one conversation or situation that happened during the day where you might have been affected by unconscious bias. Figure out why you acted the way you did and think how you would have liked to act instead. That way, you start training your brain to act more accordingly to the way you want to behave and removing your prejudices. Also, you get better at identifying when you're prey of unconscious bias and acting ignoring it when it arises.
  8. Avalander

    Programming Languages

    I would say yes. Javascript runs on anything with a browser, which probably beats the 3 billion devices running Java. I'd add a couple of benefits to Javascript: You can upload your game to Github pages for free and send the link to your friends, and they can play the game without having to install anything or run an executable, which makes it hundred times more likely that they will actually try your game. You can use HTML and CSS to create the user interface. While HTML and CSS are not perfect, they are by far better than any GUI library that I've ever used. A great framework to start building games in Javascript is Phaser.
  9. Avalander

    Tower Defenses: Best features?

    My absolute favourite feature of a tower defense game is from Kingdom Rush. There is this one tower that has the special ability to transform enemies into sheep every few seconds.
  10. Avalander

    Web Development Decisions.

    A CSS framework is a collection of styles designed to provide a consistent look and feel to a web page easily and without the user having to write any CSS. Josheir, we can gladly help you with any questions you have on what to use for this or how to use that or why does this thing behave that way. But if you want to get far in programming, you really need to start learning how to google stuff. Should I use bootstrap for this project? Is a question that we can provide insight on. What is a CSS framework? is easily googable, with a good Wikipedia page answering the question, and you wouldn't have had to wait eight hours to get an answer if you had just google that.
  11. Avalander

    Web Development Decisions.

    I do believe that learning Bootstrap is worthwhile. Here is my list of reasons. It's mature, maintained and actively developed (they released a new major version recently). You can customise the basic look and feel without a lot of effort. You get something that looks nice out of the box. Honestly, unless you have some serious experience in graphic design, the first hundred style sheets that you write will make your website look like the equivalent of a 5-year-old's drawing. It's widely used, so you will find a lot of examples and support on the internet. Using a (kind of) well-designed CSS framework will help you learn how to design your own CSS classes. If you are just starting web development, you will have to learn a lot of other stuff already, so keeping CSS for later should make things easier for you. Also, answering your question, it is free. Now, here are some reasons not to use/learn Bootstrap. You want to focus on learning CSS. You only want to build a very simple website with a header and some text, no fancy layouts, no styling forms, no menus with dropdowns and accordions, etc. You are going to use another CSS framework instead.
  12. If you want an alternative to Flash, I suggest that you look into Pixi.js. It's javascript, has support for Canvas and WebGL, good performance and many examples and learning resources.
  13. Avalander

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I liked it a lot more that The Force Awakens, although that can be explained by my expectations being much lower. I liked that there was more character development and less action scenes, and the plot felt less copy-paste from the original trilogy. I didn't like that there are some scenes that are trying too hard to be funny and I feel that they don't go well with the tone that the rest of the movie wants to set.
  14. You still have three weeks to go, should be enough to create a pong game
  15. Avalander

    November 2017 GameDev Challenge: Pong!

    You still have three weeks to go, should be enough to create a pong game
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