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    Does anybody NOT flip sprites in game?

    Thanks for the feedback everybody, I'm really trying to find ways to cut back on asset production time, There are some good points, I can see that having characters that look different when facing left compared to when facing right is something which will require a flipped version included in the download folder  but some of the characters and animated  objects I'm creating wont really be any different when flipped.    Sometimes automating the process is difficult especially if I have to draw each frame by hand, if the character is made up of small animatable pieces i do use spine or spriter do do most of the work for me, But sometimes I just  can't automate more.   I gather from most replies is that in the gamedev world the majority just flip, unless of course there is variation between character faces. I don't think I'm going bother exporting flipped spritesheets for characters that have  no difference.   Thanks everyone for helping me come to a decision!
  2. Hi, I think this belongs in the game programing forum as it is related to the programing side of game development.   I'm in the process of creating 2d characters for my asset website site. The files included in the each character's download folder  are spritesheets with all animation sequences, individual keyframes and atlas  maps with all body parts as well as original working photoshop or vector files. organising the folder and exporting and saving each image takes almost as much time as drawing and animating a character, In my previous animated characters I have always included the flipped version I.e separate files for character face left and character face right.     Is this really necessary? should I bother exporting the left/right facing versions of a sprite? Whenever  I make a game I just flip the sprite in the engine. Does anybody know of a use case where this is not possible? Do you think it's important to inclde the flipped versions of the sprite?    Also on a separate issue , which might not belong in this section and might also be a bit of an open ended question, What do you think would be the optimum image size for each Charater, How big should I export each bitmap?   Any input is much appreciated!
  3. Robert Brooks

    Can somebody please help me decide which page is better.

    Hi, sorry for the late response, First of all thank you to everyone for such  valuable  feedback.   I generally agree with everyone and see the pros and cons of each screen. In the end I am going to stay with screen one or possibly the third option suggested by Mussi which is a kind of mix between the two.  In fact due to the feedback from this forum I shall be concentrating on other aspects of the site, the display of the index page shall remain as page one until other priorities have been taken into account and fixed, owing to the general consensus among the comments in this topic, it seems that page one was the most liked anyway.    @Frob , this advice is invaluable, and I am currently working on bettering the aspects you mentioned, I have already implemented a filter system, which shall later be upgraded to a tagging as suggested by @servant of the lord, Although the water mark system is not much of a priority at the moment I can add that when I create the preview images, As they are manually created anyway. details page shall soon be under review too! I will fix thesuggested icon size too.     @Mussi, Thanks for the link about prices and marketing,I read it thouroughly and saw the point about the power of nine which I suppose is the one you were trying to make. Yeah I always thought it made prices more appealing. But I think I will still round prices off, just for the fact that I don't want people  to end up with loose change in their credit for the site, This would be unfair to people.    @alnite. Yeah It's only me working on the site, I produce the assets too and try to handle all the promotion and administration, It's a real slog and a time suck although I kind of enjoy seeing people sign up and use assets, and receiving messages from people too,  all that stuff kinda makes it worth it. Just the development of the site alone is massive and I'm currently getting a bit tired of web development, It's gets repetitive quite fast! !  but bit by bit something appears to be taking form, although a lot needs to be polished.   @boolean, Yeah I'm glad you mentioned the size of that side bar, at the moment I'm developing a site feed and blog system for the site so the side bar is going to be up for the chop when that's ready.  Yeah I see the wasted space issue with the header too, before there was more text in there, now it looks bare, I think it's time for a move around.   Thanks to everyone who took the time to actually visit my site  make a comparison then come here and write about it. Every comment has been a great help! I will post again when I finish the next round of site updates!
  4. Robert Brooks

    Can somebody please help me decide which page is better.

    Hey thanks everyone for your opinions, They have really helped,  I might / definitely will have a play around with the third option from Mussi it sounds like a great idea, a best of both worlds situation.,  especially as there  appears to be some mixed feedback, the messiness of the test index page is very off putting. There is actually no sorting algorithm at the moment , the images are just pulled out in whatever order they're in.   As to the other ideas people have suggested I am grateful you took the time to further add this information, -  @onigirflash you are right, I will fix the prices to round numbers, thank you for your suggestion   @codefox thanks for your suggestion too. Yeah a watermark would be good to stop people ripping from the site, although I don't like the way it obscures the image, and for the price of the asset is it really worth somebodies time to cut them out in ps??,  but I suppose there are all types who would do anything to get something for nothing.    I would love to hear more comments from others who read this topic. thanks a bunch everyone!
  5. Hi everyone I want to do a redesign for my assets page and I was wondering if you would spare a moment to give me your opinions.  Could you have a look at these two pages, and tell me which layout you think is best.   page one http://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/graphics/index.php   page two http://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/graphics/testindex.php   page two loads really slowly at the moment, because they are not really thumbnail size images being loaded, it's just a visual test. if you fell like giving a brief reason as to your choice, I would appreciate it. Thankyou!    
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