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  1. Hi Dimitros, Thanks for the quick response and i still say that you: i still have done other searches in the web and say that i saw no other example in pure OpenGL with C++ OOP like your example. Congratulation again! About the program questions i will use your github issues to continues for solve them. With respect to follow you on twitter and / or your website , surely i will do it! We continued in your github space. Thank you!
  2. Hi dimitrios,   Initially i would like to congratulate to you! This example show how to make the good implementation of pure C++ and OpenGL program. In the most articles around the internet i've found structural examples, in pure C. I like C language but i like so much of OOP and OpenGL too. Example like your, combines good C++ OOP implementation with OpenGL context. But i have two questions for you:   1) I compiled successfully the example but when i execute, this exception is throwed: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'AvoidTheBug3D::GameException'   what():  Could not determine the home directory How i do to fix that?   2) I see that you use SDL library. Reading some tutorials and posts in foruns, many people prefer use GLWF than SDL library for window management. Some user say that SDL have many functions which let the library heavy, many functions that is not used on the most situations. I'm starting C++ and OpenGL  program with GLFW. What do you think about this?   Thank you!
  3. Hi guys,   Initially, i would like to thank for your reply. I not sure if i understood this explanation but, my goal is have two "instances" of only one executable program int both context: one in console (run from command line to load a binary file), and other in GTK context (into a GtkDrawingArea component).   Look the real example in the screen shot on this link: Note that in this example, the OpenGL application is running fine on the GTK application, and received / update all the time messages from IPC (look the paint simulating a speedometer). However, we can note that the OpenGL program that is being loading on console (pure OpenGL program) not receive and update messages from other modules via IPC.   How i do to both applications reproduce the same informations, synchronously? It's possible?   Thank you again!
  4. Hi members,   I'm working with OpenGL in a modular academic project. In this project, some users will have different perspectives for visualization and, in this case, a user will can execute a pure OpenGL program on console (terminal) and execute a GTK program, simultaneously. This GTK program also displays the OpenGL program in one GtkDrawingArea content type. In both situations, the OpenGL program have a listener that receive informations of others modules (set of programs working with IPC context).   The goal: I would like that both "instances" of the same OpenGL executable could display the same information from the IPC context, in real time. Today, i can't do it.   Anyone help me?   Thank you!