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    Developing an RPG

      It also requires a lot of different skillsets. Writing effectively would be the first obvious one. Writing is a craft that takes years of study and critique and practice and failure to develop. You also have the design elements, where you actually 'create' the world, its history, the characters (both PC and NPC, living and dead), the geography, political systems, ...  You can be a world-class programmer and be completely incompetent in those areas.   Toss in art and audio development into the mix as well, stir it all up with dash of screenwriting and casting if you're using any voice overs, and you're on your way to an RPG stew. Serve chilled with Tsingtao (the only German beer brewed in China) and boston creme doughnuts.     Hm. That does sound like a lot of things to consider, I would say "It doesn't sound that hard" but that would be like throwing myself of a cliff and having a chance of surviving. I suppose I will start with a simple game, and slowly transform it to the RPG. Thanks for giving me some idea's on where to go from here.
  2. kaitodomoto

    Developing an RPG

    To clarify, I am not trying to make a(n) MMORPG, when I mean RPG I really mean a(n) RPG, like old style Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, etc. And not trying to sound rude, but I'm not a beginner at programming, I'm just partially new to C++, I only been coding in C# for about 5 - 6 Years now, and I wanted to try a higher language. Again, not trying to stir up anything, I'm just informing you, and for the record I already KNOW that MMORPG are extremely out of reach unless you have a team, and years to work on it, and due to the fact I'm not in college yet for another year, I won't have any time to do such a thing, I just wanna learn how to program a game, which I have once, but it was a simple text-based game, and then go on to bigger things, like MMO's or indie game development.   Edit: Small note: I was just using an MMO as an example for the file types, not to sound mean - which is getting pretty hard to do at this point - every time someone mentions the word(s) "MMO", "MMORPG", or something in that range, doesn't means they want to develop it... For the past year, I've been trying to learn to make an actual game and every time I even get close to the word "RPG" people start shooting me down and trying to discourage me without even know what I want to do. Which for one thing is getting on my nerves, I just want to see if I can develop a game or not, I'm not trying to make some fancy over-the-top game which everyone will play, its just for learning purposes. Sorry if I'm sounding rude, but this isn't the first time someone has misunderstood what I ment, which frankly happens a lot in my life, which I'm not going to go into that.    
  3. kaitodomoto

    Developing an RPG

      Oh, Its just how you know if you have all the movements for the weapons and skills, it'll eventually go over 1000 files, which are kind of annoying to keep track of, but I understand what you are saying and thanks for the advice. I'll keep what you said in mind.
  4. kaitodomoto

    Developing an RPG

    I want to develop an RPG, with a large player base in it(e.g can change clothing, shoes, weapons, etc.), I'll be using C++ to develop it. But I have a couple of questions that are bothering me.   Okay so this is what's bothering me: I currently using GLFW library, and have some problems with it, but I heard its a better alternative then SDL, and forgot the other one. But is it the right choice? I know when it comes to large player base RPG's there's going to be a lot of files involved. So I want to do what MMORPG's do and create a node tree of files(not sure if im using the correct term) to compress the files and read them off the newly compress file. Ex: Some MMO's have a bunch of file that have endings like .data, .og, and so on. how do i make/read of them? Hopefully I am making some sense, its kind of hard to explain what I want to do. but for now. thats the beginning of what I want to do with the RPG.   Thanks for reading, ~kaitodomoto
  5. kaitodomoto

    Playing a video in OpenGL

      Oh, I understand, and I get your point, though I don't have first hand experience of what you are talking about, but I'll take your advice and see what I can do. Thanks for the information though. 
  6. kaitodomoto

    Playing a video in OpenGL

    Not trying to sound rude, but what do you mean?
  7. kaitodomoto

    Playing a video in OpenGL

    I can't seem to find the code in the SharpGL library, the closest thing I found was  SharpGL.SceneGraph.Assets.Texture But other then that nothing. I guess it time to look for a library, I know there's SDL.NET but I tried using that once and it did not work out well.   Do you by any chance have any library's that you'd recommend, if you don't its alright.   But thanks for the help.
  8. kaitodomoto

    Playing a video in OpenGL

    Hi, I'm not new to C# but I can't say I'm an expert in it either. But that's off-topic. Okay so, Let me break down what I'm trying to do.  So, I have a game that I'm trying to make a executable(EXE) file to run it, but what I want to do is when the client(or exe whatever you want to call it) is ran, I would like it to play a certain video(e.g. like 5 secs long) then go it to the main menu screen. But so far I can't seem to find anyway to do this in OpenGL or in this case SharpGL(.NET version of OpenGL). People keep telling me make textures and add the video to it, but when I go through the code I can't seem to find anything there(unless I'm completely missing something), unless I'm not using the right library, I don't know what to do. A friend of mine was able to do it in C++ with OpenGL but that, in my opinion is completely different, since I'm still learning C++, I cannot attempt to make it in that language without taking weeks to look stuff up and learn.   So to summarize is there a way to play a video using this library? If not is there an alternative that I can use to do this.    Small note: Basically what I'm trying to achieve, is go from a normal game, to a client-server game, and eventually learn to make a mmo(dream a very far dream.) So far, I'm trying to make the client-server part, which this is for.   Hopefully I made some sense,   Thanks for reading,     kaitodomoto   P.S: I'm new to the forum, I have yet to read the rules(if any), not sure if this belongs here, if it doesn't, then the mods can do what they want with it.
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