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  1. I want my object to rotate between two angles in relation to speed and it doesn't need to be a smooth rotation, how can I achieve that?  Thank you in advance.  
  2. So the Game View window is set to us a much higher resolution than your native display.  On the control bar, what settings do you have for the display? Is it set to a specific resolution, free aspect resized to the window, or something else? Also, if you are on a mac, is the "Low Resolution Aspect Ratios" box checked?     A specific resolution 1920x1080.  Also my native display is 1920x1080.  When I choose 16:9 and not a specific resolution then the scale level starts from 1  :wacko:. 
  3.   When the scale level is 0.28 I see the whole game like in any other normal project, but when the scale level is 1 it looks like I look at my game with a magnifying glass. I don't understand why the default scale is not 1 in my project.. maybe it's a problem with the project itself, I don't really know.. I will send a bug report soon. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it very much.
  4.   Unfortunately resetting the layout didn't work. The game view scale level is related to the actual game view window size. When I make the game view window smaller then the scale level automatically changes.  So now, with my current game view window size, my scale level is 0.28 and when I start the game it goes automatically to 1, then I need to go and change it back to 0.28 every single time after I press play. I am almost certain that it's a bug. I use Unity for almost a year and stuff like this happen regularly, this is so frustrating.. 
  5. When I am in the Unity editor and I press play to test my game something weird happens, the game window is like zooming in.. and I am not touching anything, the scale slider just goes from x0.41 to x1. What may cause the problem? Bug in the editor? Thank you in advance. PS: I noticed that the problem is only with my custom game windows, their initial scale is 0.41 and not 1, why is that?
  6. Question in the title. Thank you in advance.
  7. If I have two points A and B, which AB is a line segment, how can I rotate the AB in another Point C which is a point on the line AB. Thank you in advance.
  8. Is it matter if I use GUILayout or EditorGUILayout for my custom editor? I need to use one of them in the OnInspectorGUI function. which one should I use? What are the differences between the two? Thank you in advance.
  9. LiziPizi

    Why Unity engine encapsulate everything?

      I can't see how having bunch of member variables in an object is unorganised, we don't see those variables but only when we want to call them, they are hidden. Maybe you meant that it is a mess for the actual Unity engine creators, but they I think that the creators need to think more about the organisation of the developers. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about it..  Thanks   
  10. Is there any reason for Unity to encapsulate for example the x, y and z coordinates like this: gameObjectName.transform.position.x and not just do this: gameObjectName.x or if you need the position in vector form that just do: gameObjectName.position  and another thing that I don't understand is why do I need to write GetComponent<componentName>() for every component that I need and not just  gameObjectName.component   Any reason to make things for complicated?   Thank you in advance.
  11. Unity uses the word "On" a lot in its function like: OnTriggerEnter, OnCollisionEnter, OnDrawGUI, OnDrawScene, OnDrawInspector, and more.  Its sounds good to add the word "On" in my own functions like: OnEndLevel, OnStartLevel, OnArrowFire, OnJump.    It is a good habit or bad habit to use it like that? 
  12. LiziPizi

    Path system

    Can you explain yourself please? 
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