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  1. Your last question made me really think. I may not have what it takes to make a awesome game.  I just not a patient person to spend years on learning and math is not my subject. I am more of a idea/concept/story guy.   Thanks for the answer. Really open my eyes.
  2. Hello,guys. I am planning to make a 3d game and wellI need help to get started.     1. I am using Unity and what would be a good language to use to make good 3d action adventure games (The game I am going to make now will be based on Luigi Mansion >   . I know Unity uses four languages. Unity script, Java Script, C# and Boo. and I am a complete Newbie at coding.   2. One day, I would like to make a team to.But I am not sure how would I pay my team. I can't really afford to pay a team with using the money in my wallet so how does a indie dev pay his team like a modeler or something?  I would like to have a team because there is some stuff I can't do like make models, music. and maybe others.   3.Where can I find a good tut for the language* the one you recommend* written ,not video. I can learn better when it is written and not on Youtube as a video.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I guess Game Maker is good to get into the indie stuff. I will still like to give C# a try,but Game Maker might be something I will come back to in the future maybe.
  4.   Ok,I am thinking about giving Monogames a try.
  5.   Game Maker Language. I do have some knowledge like have to make a very simple object to control and some basics.  Not that much. I am hoping to find a good language to get into the indie stuff for maybe commercial use.
  6. I am looking for a new language to start on so I can get into the Indie business.  I am a beginner at programming stuff and I am thinking what is a good program for a smooth 2d platformer game like meat boy. I think Meat Boy was made in C++,but is there something I can make close to  a game like Meat Boy. I heard that C++ is not that good for beginners.
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