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    C# for Noobs

    If the application you are making is memory intensive (thousands of assets / large world / etc) or (CPU intensive) C++ is useful. The reason being is it provides the programmers more control over memory and hardware. The reason C++ is not a programming language recommended to beginners is due to that very fact. With more control/power, comes more 'responsibility' and more things you can mess up on.. Anyways, moral of the story: Larger games generally use C++ as it is necessary to do everything in their power to lower the memory usage and to get the game to run as fast as possible.   As for the question: Is C++ going anywhere? Choosing a programming language is all about 'finding the right tool for the job'. As I've said earlier, for larger games( and perhaps even smaller ones) C++ can be a very useful tool. There are cases when C# is the correct tool, as well. It's especially useful for making Game Editors / Map Editors / etc.     Please note: For the majority of this, I am going off of what I have read in books & on the internet. If anyone sees any mistakes in what I've said, please correct me. I do not wish to mislead anyone.
  2. Takemura

    Beginner C++ Programmer--Where to?

    Disclaimer: I am still at the stage of learning to properly design/code games. Feel free to take this post with a grain of salt if you'd like.   For starters, I believe before making games you should have a stronger understanding of the language you are working with.  For example, a firm grasp of pointers, classes, Virtual inheritance( and when / where it should be used) and so on. Without having a firm grasp of the language you are working with it will be hard to make even a simple game.   After that, I honestly believe you should start out small games while building your understanding of design techniques for coding.   A lot of concepts all come into making games, which it would be mind-blowing trying to learn all at once at the level of a 3D FPS.   As I said earlier, that I am still in the process of learning how to do it properly, so I suppose I will explain the route I am taking? When I started heading for game Development, the first game I created was a simple visual Tic-Tac-Toe. It is pretty basic, and the amount of graphics related things that need to be drawn is minimal. It allows you to test your waters in basic AI, Graphics, and Input handling(Keyboard). After that, I headed for pong which I had trouble getting the collision handling & response to be as I wanted it to be.   Anyways.. Start small, If you are unable to make simple games Like Tic-Tac-Toe / Pong / a Mario replica.. How do you imagine to be able to handle figuring out how to structure your code and make an FPS game?       You can find out more at http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/your-first-step-to-game-development-starts-here-r2976
  3. Takemura

    Would like feedback/testing -- "Serpentine"

    I enjoyed the game. I got to 46.66 seconds on the Dynamic Medium before deciding to give up on getting any further (Took me many tries to get past ~34 seconds on dynamic medium) I honestly feel that it would be nice if the menus were also responsive to the keyboard. As the Game Mode selection screen allows keyboard usage, while the Main menu / Extras doesn't which I don't find very consistent. (I also enjoy using keyboard over mouse, Perhaps it's only me who feels this way?) Well, This is a pretty minor thing though!   Anyways, It was an enjoyable experience and I might play it again in the future if I get to feeling bored ( And yes, I found out what you mean about crashing after Alt-Tab as it happened when I came to write this post =D).
  4. Takemura

    Alpha testers wanted

    Alright, I played it for a little bit and there are a few things that I encountered that I thought I should mention. I will list them in the order of importance I find them.   *(This may be due to my ignorance though) I believe the game should have the ability to have some tooltips appear when you are accomplishing things for the first time. I had quite the trouble figuring out how you produce items for the customer. It would be handy if a a little box appeared saying something along the lines of what is said about it in one of the tutorial slides. *On the same note of tooltips, I feel it would nice if there were some form of tooltips for the resources/stats that are at the left of the screen.   Now then, I encountered a few bugs as well which I will talk about now. *When you complete the tutorial once, if you attempt to go through it again it will not go past the "Welcome to the blacksmith's son..." screen. *For some reason, when I was producing items for the customers I ended up with -2 bronze ignots. It seems a bit unrealistic for such a thing to be allowed. *The game does not currently allow you to start a new game. When you attempt to start a new game, it loads the old game. *In the introduction screen, there is a spelling error in which 'hop' is used in place of 'shop' (" Unfortunately, you haven't worked in his hop in 24 years.")   I would have played longer, but I trapped myself in a situation which I have 0 money, can't make anymore, and can't start a new game =P I wish I could give you feedback on what I think of the actual game-play, but I am not personally very interested in this game genre. I hope you find my feedback useful in some-way.
  5. Takemura

    What is a potatoese?

    Alright,I hate for this to be my first post.. But honestly. Why ask for help when you are not willing to listen to other peoples ideas? You need to leave your shell. They are trying their best to help you and inform you that they DON'T Merely use directx/opengl. Some of the people even listed libraries you can use that will help you in creating a 'simple' browser.   If you are not getting the answers you seek, the reason is that you yourself are not being clear on what you are seeking.
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