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    Game idea; Feedback appriciated.

    Okay, you guys have convinced me :p   For now, I'll have only 3 League characters, for testing purposes only. When the game is nearly done I'll take them out and design my own.   And if anybody is interested, I already made the sprites for those characters: http://imgur.com/leMCChm
  2. Tjakka5

    Game idea; Feedback appriciated.

    This is the reason she is a team player. Without the distraction of her team (and I don't talk about any noob-bashing), she wouldn't be able to reach the squishy characters at the backline. If you have a 1v1 you suddenly need to reconsider a lot of factors. For one, squishy characters will be suddenly without any protection, therefor you need to tweak them to keep up competitive. If you have a burst damage character, it would be too easy to reach the enemy, especially if you have burst+escape, so you need nerf him.   The whole dynamic changes with a 1v1 and you would need to tweak and redesign a lot to balance out the new situation, because you need to ensure, that both player have fun and not only one.   Im well aware of that. My game shouldnt just be "spam all keys and win lol", it should take skill and planning to take. This would mean that aside from abilities having to be very balanced there should be some sort of award for performing well.   Characters should also be reliant on their abilities. LeBlanc has a really good movement ability, so maybe to make her more reliant on it she should be outran by all the other characters. This way players will be forced to plan what they're doing, otherwise they will just be caught without any ability to save herself from any potential harm.
  3. Tjakka5

    Game idea; Feedback appriciated.

    Yes, but in those kinds of games those bosses really arent really smart, or have nice attacks. They're more like, "I'll fly up and down, and shoot some slow moving fireballs at you that you have to dodge otherwise you die, and I have a ton of hp too" kind of deal.   In this case the characters you are playing are equally strong, but have unique playstyles to them. It doesn't matter if the enemy is able to get a nice combo on you, but you should be the one outsmarting that enemy. Outplaying it with the abilities you have.   When it is a fast paced game, you will not have lot of time to interact with objects       You should design your own characters, considering that the Lol sounds quite different to your game. LoL is a team based action game, with character design targeting to support team work. In a 1vs1 scenario you would need to redesign a lot.       Your ambition and scope sounds right. It sounds, that you just want to make some quick game to play around and have some fun. This way it sounds pretty cool, I wish you good luck and having fun making it, eventually it will be a great experience   I think that even though its a fast paced game, players will be moving around the arena a lot. Not only because some spots may give them an advantage over the enemy, but also because you will have to; Dodging the enemies abilities while setting yourself up for a good combo. In the end, players should be constantly moving for potential advantages.   While LoL is indeed a teamgame these characters are Assasins, meaning that they dont neccesarely need their team to be effective, Assasins can kill squishy targets quick and effectivly, yet also coming out alive due to their mobile kit. As a small example, as LeBlanc you could use your "Blink" to get near the target, bust your combo quickly and then teleport back to your original location unharmed.   This is why I find these characters so fitting for this game, because 1v1'ing with these kinds of characters is probably the most fun in LoL in my opinion.
  4. Tjakka5

    Game idea; Feedback appriciated.

    After a quick google search... You are indeed right, it's a sidescroller :p   And yes, you could see it as a somewhat hybrid between the two. Although you will have a lot more freedom to walk around and interact with objects in the arena. For the characters, I know that there could be some potential copyright issues (Which slightly doubt, seeing as this will be a project that wont be played by a lot of people, mainly friends), and really, I'm not all that good at making assasin like characters. (Although I do have an idea for one character I would like to include. Maybe some sort of easter egg)   At the moment Im just creating some of the art I will use. So that when I find the time to start programming I will have it already done.
  5. So recently I've been walking around with an idea for a game, and I'm interested in what other people think of it, aswell as what they would remove, add or change to the idea.   The idea is somewhat based of of League of Legends (No, its not a idea for an MMO), and thus you'll need some basic understanding of the playable characters (champions) in that game, as well as the core idea of them.   --Skip this if you know league of legends, or if you're just not interested-- LoL has multiple characters, all featuring an unique kit of 4 abilities and 1 passive ability. All of them have different playstyles, but they are sorted into groups of what kind they are. In my opinion, the Assasin type champions are the most fun.   Abilities are triggered with Q, W, E and R. After using an ability it goes on cooldown for a few seconds.   Katarina:   Katarina is a melee fighter. Trowhing knives at enemies, swirling her blades and teleporting to enemies and allies she is able to kill targets quick and effectivly. Especially since her passive will reset all her abilities.   LeBlanc:   LeBlanc is able to put marks on targets, popping them and dealing extra damage whenever she uses another spell on that target. She is also able to blink away and teleport back to her original location. And shoot chains to a target, rooting it for a few seconds if she keeps them connected for long enough.   What makes LeBlanc fun to play is her R, which lets her Mimic her last used ability, thus making for some really nice and fast paced combo's.   Zed:   Zed is a ninja who is able to spawn shadows who will copy the abilities he uses, as well as that he is able to switch playes with those shadows. While his kit seems the most boring, I find him actually the most fun to play. I just like the concept of him in general.       So with that out of the way, let's get into the actual idea; I want to create a 2D platformer in which you can play as one of these 3 champions (Although there are some I want to include too, I just didnt list them). You'll be set in a medium sized arena, against another one of these Assasins. In the arena will be minions as well. Creatures that attack you, but do very little damage and dont have any special abilities.   Your goal of course, is to kill your enemy assasin, as quick as possible. After you do this you'll be going to the next arena, facing off against another assasin, etc etc.   In the last arena you'll be going against the same champion you are playing as. However, he will have a better AI than the previous enemies you've fought, as well as having higher base damage.     Do also note that you're playing as mobile assasins. Gameplay will be fast paced and probably really intense.   I want to make this game with pixelart. With sprites as small as 32x32, giving it a more retro feel.     What do you think of this idea? Would you play it? Would you enjoy playing it? What doesnt appeal to you? What does?   Any feedback would be appriciated. (Also, do note that I dont want this to be a full blown game. Just something as a small fun project which people can play for free if they want to.)
  6. I should point out that the idea of the laptop is to work on with it on school. All the lessons are practically, you've got to make it and give it in on the school forums.   I do not care about weight nor battery life, I dont mind carrying something heavy and I will have access to electricity 95% of the school day.
  7. To get things clear; I want this laptop to be a bit of a beast, do the things I want it to do without problems, and then a little bit.   I understand that I can get away with a I7 at 2,4 ghz and I made some alterations, so here's my new list: 4Th generation I7 @2,4 ghz. Dual core with Hyperthread 16 GB DDR3 memory @1600 mhz 500Gb HDD and 250Gb SSD Or 500Gb SSD Nvidia 860m 1920*1080 monitor Windows 7 Again, no HP, Dell or Alienware I also plan to record some stuff with the laptop and don't want to just trash all the videos, thus why I want more storage then usual. This laptop also needs partitions; 1 for school and 1 for myself, so thats why I need some more also.   I'm thinking I probably want the Ideapad Y510P
  8. Hello,   In 4 weeks I will have my exams; after that I want to do Game Development. I have found a school and found out everything that I have to have.   Most things weren't a problem, headphones, external hdd, the basic stuff. However, you also need to provide your own laptop.   I got a list saying what kind of specs the laptop should have, but it wasn't really.. clear... Intel I7 8Gb ram 500Gb HDD 2Gb video memory 1920*1080 screen Approximatly 1000,- Now, I've been saving up a little bit, got about 300,- euros now. My parents will pay 400,- for the laptop, and the school will pay 10-20% of the price too.   I'm getting a lot of pocket money; 85,- euros a month. This means I'll have atleast 1200,- euros, and I am going to work in the vacation too, because money is always handy.       Now, I know a little bit about computers, and I made a list of specs that I want atleast: Generation 4 I7, Octocore at ~3.5 ghz. 16Gb DDR3 ram at 1600Mhz 500Gb HDD 120Gb SSD 1920*1080 screen 3Gb video memory, preferably Nvidia because I am very used to that. Windows 7 I dont want a HP, Dell or Alienware, as I really dont like those laptops. Preferably I want a black laptop that is an ASUS. I don't mind if what I can get is slightly worse or better for the money that I have. Again, I have atleast 1200,- and can probably add another 300,- to it if needed.       The laptop will be mostly used for Game Development; Unity, Maya, Photoshop, and I want to go the route of Programmer later on. I also want to play a few games on it; Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, maybe even Tomb Raider 2013.       Can someone recommend a good laptop?
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