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    rogue-like alpha

    lots of meetings to deliberate game's title, "game" the splash screen:       [, /\ |\/| [-   alpha testing has started here: http://jetspicegames.com/game
  2. jetspicegames

    rogue-like alpha

    sorry i haven't been able to respond to most of the questions. update: this game now has mythozoological classification.   EDIT: changed URL
  3. jetspicegames

    rogue-like alpha

    do to overwhelming response, the roguelike now has circuitry, made from water works and fountains.   EDIT: changed url
  4. jetspicegames

    rogue-like alpha

  5. jetspicegames

    rogue-like alpha

    reminds me of my apple 2e a bit (minus the fancy color text).   it will have some sandbox stuff like crafting, tile placement, trap construction. and a lab, where you can make creatures then other players try to steal your gold and die in your traps. and you get their loot but then maybe you get too much loot and word gets out and you attract more looters   the maps are downloaded from user-defined urls, so people can host worlds on their servers and link to the main world. like one big world that can sprawl across the net. possibly a few files on dropbox (for altered maps and chests of loot), or maybe a mesh network.    
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