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  1. I am Working in 3D Project which have thousands of objects(Millions of Triangle), I applied BSP to find out the objects which is in view Frustum(there is no issue with it). Then i apply Occlusion Querry to reduce the objects which are completely covered by another object.Problem is Occlusion Querry is too slow and it takes more than 500ms. Here is the step i used with Occlusion.   For(allobjects) {    1.Begin Querry       2. Render the BoundingBox of the Object.       3.End Querry. }   for(allobjects) {      4,GetQuerryObject.        5.If Pixels>0 then Render the Object. }     It takes More than 500ms For just 10Cubes. Whats the Problem here. And How to Improve the Speed For occlusion Culling.?   Advance Thanks For Ur Help....    
  2. I am Working in 3D Project which have thousands of objects(Lakhs and lakhs of Triangle), So i Applied BSP(Binary Space Partitioning)For Frustum Culling,Whenever i Zoomedin  Objects are to be deleted(culled) and similary when zooming out it has to be added.//View Frustum//. But the problem is adding and deleting the objects regularly it slown down the project.Because everytime i am changing the vertexand atttribute buffer to delete and add the objects , isthere any other possiblity to cull the objects.. And I didnt know whether i m doing it in proper way , so dont hesitate to comment, every suggestions is usefull for me.
  3. Thanks for your info washu and slayemin...   Zoashi kaba.. could u please share the materials or website links about bruteforce method.
  4. Hi, I am currently Working in 3D modelling Project..which is like a tool to add/delete the objects(shapes like sphere,retangle etc..) dyanmically by the user. And the Problem is When more number of objects are added(imagine the 2floor house is built in this tool) the rendering speed is damn slow. So i have planned to introduce the BSP algorithm for visibilty culling which is used to render the object that is visible for eyes(view frustrum).I read so many atricles and am confused whether the BSP is efficient for my project or not.. Can anyone have a experience in BSP or any Visibilty culling Algorithms?? if can suggest/assist me to choose the best algorithm for my project.     Note: Project is developed in Directx . C# Yet Now no Visibility Culling algorithm is used .  
  5. I need to take High Definition Screen shots in my directx(C#) application. and i found out the solution in Game Programming gems2 book, and i implemented it in my application and it is working fine, but the problem is they gave the algorithm for Perspective view , now i need to take same HD screen shots in Orthogonal View...     The idea behind tis is we are splitting the screen into 9 quadrants and set the projection matrix then take screen shots and we get 9 pictures then we are stitching it to one picture, and the below alogorithm values works well for perspective view but it doesnt work for orthogonal view, i need to know the left,right,top,botom values for orthogonal view..!!     void GpgPerspective (double fovy, double aspect, double Near, double Far, int subrect) { double fov2, left, right, bottom, top; fov2 = GpgDegToRad(fovy) * 0.5; top = Near/(cos(fov2)/sin(fov2)); bottom = -top; right = top*aspect; left = -right; if (subrect == -1) //Regular full screen GpgFrustum (left, right, bottom, top, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 0) //UL GpgFrustum(left, left/3.0, top/3.0, top, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 1) //UC GpgFrustum(left/3.0, right/3.0, top/3.0, top, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 2) //UR GpgFrustum(right/3.0, right, top/3.0, top, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 3) //ML GpgFrustum(left, left/3.0, bottom/3.0, top/3.0, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 4) //MC GpgFrustum(left/3.0, right/3.0, bottom/3.0, top/3.0, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 5) //MR GpgFrustum(right/3.0, right, bottom/3.0, top/3.0, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 6) //BL GpgFrustum(left, left/3.0, bottom, bottom/3.0, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 7) //BC GpgFrustum(left/3.0, right/3.0, bottom, bottom/3.0, Near, Far); else if (subrect == 8) //BR GpgFrustum(right/3.0, right, bottom, bottom/3.0, Near, Far); }       void GpgFrustum (double left, double right, double bottom, double top, double zNear, double zFar) { float matrix[16] = { 1.0f, O.Of, O.Of, O.Of, 0.Of, 1.Of, 0.Of, 0. Of, O.Of, O.Of, 1.0f, O.Of, 0. Of, 0. Of, 0. Of, 1 . Of } ; matrix[0] = (float) (2. 0*zNear/ (right-left j) ; matrix[5] = (float) (2. 0*zNear/ (top-bottom) ); matrix[8] = (float) ((right+left)/(right-left)) ; matrix[9] = (float) ((top+bottom) /(top-bottom) ); matrix[10] = (float) (-(zFar)/(zFar-zNear)) ; matrix[11] = (float) (-1 .0) ; matrix[14] = (float32) (-(zFar*zNear)/(zFar-zNear)) ; #endif //Now set this matrix as the current projection matrix }
  6. Hi.. i am using copyfromscreen funtion to get the screenshot of selected rectangle but the problem is its quality is soo poor . what should i need to do to take screen a shot with high quality image ?. i am working in C#.net.. i have tryed the encoderparameter techniques also but there is no change in quality..
  7. I need the walk-through effect in my project.. i need to view the entire model like walking into that.. but how to achieve that, what to set for camera position,target,view dierction? do i need to set the mousecordinates for view direction or camera or target? how can it be done for flat surface as well as to walk in steps?.. give me the entire idea and what are the keys , mouseclicks are to be assigned to get this?
  8. @ Ashaman73  Hawkblood Alundra Thanks for your valuable comments guys,, kindly look at this    http://www.gamedev.net/topic/656328-does-anyone-implemented-the-gouraud-shading-algorithm-in-c-directx/
  9. but i am so much confused and not having much knowledge about it my question seems to be silly so please bare with me,,how we can give the ambient,specular,diffuse color for each pixels in our object?, in other word how can we calculate the color value for per vertex?
  10. Hi, i am strucked in Lighting.. i need to implement the Gouraud's Shading algorithm in my project but i am beginner in directx so i didnt have any idea about how to implement ..! can anyone suggest some option for me..!!! i am currently working with directx9 in C#.  
  11. eh i am having trouble to set the position of the light , that is i am confused with the parameters(x,y,z) which we are giving for the position,, i tried so many values but cant get the exact result.. i attached my screen shot and need to set the light for that object...   http://postimg.org/image/o7ktw54h3/
  12. How to set lights for 3d models?, problem is , i set point light in cameraposition, when ever i revolve the camera object doesn't look good it becomes more artificial(like darker in one side and brighter in another side),and when i use directional lighting its so brighter objects becomes white how to reduce the intensity of the directional light..?and  how do i do some good real 3d lighting ..!! suggest me some tutorials or send me some links for that...! 
  13. can anyone just explain What is the usage of Specular, Ambient, and Diffuse properties of light.. if u can please give some examples..
  14. aravind

    Problem with perspective view

    ehhh guysss i found out the mistake.. actually i used prespectivefovRH so i have to give the zfar value as negative value but i gave positive value thats the mistake... Thank you for all your valueable comments ...
  15. aravind

    Problem with perspective view

    ehhh guysss i found out the mistake.. actually i used prespectivefovRH so i have to give the zfar value as negative value but i gave positive value thats the mistake... Thank you for all your valueable comments ...
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