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  1. Looking for a developer to help me develop a bot for discord, it will be a few simple features that will all work together to create a bot perfect for Discord servers that want to be used for games. I am creating a server for Halo Infinite competitive play and need something to fit the purpose, but I want the bot to be multipurpose and work on other servers for different games. The features i want it to have are: - Auto Roles, controllable by admin of how they are given, so if admin accepts them they get given a specific role. - Basic announcement commands - Nickname requester - auto message when specific command is made e.g. when i use a specific reaction to a message, I can automate a new message. - Welcome messages, leave messages etc... - I want a way to organise teams in roles, but I want their team captain to choose who has that role so I want specific people to be able to give the team role to people or request a role for someone if the other isn't possible. -A ban, unban, report system etc. - Chat command purge, so when a command is used or a specific reaction etc... the chat is cleared for that person to keep the chats tidy. -Maybe a way for messages to be moved into a different chat almost copy and pasted, so if a user requests to change their nickname in one chat the request goes to a private chat for the admins, so the public chat stays clear. Extra Features if possible: - Event reminders for when there are matches etc... sent to team captains when they have a scrim match - Leveling system but given by the admins, this can be when they win matches, or tournaments they level up on the admins command, this will then categorise the roles. -A way to search for certain roles so for example search for all of the players with a specific role(rank), specified by the admins so they can recruit players etc... and also a way to search for a certain players username and find out what rank they are in your server. - A twitch broadcasting automation set by admins for when a specific matchup is being streamed and this gets posted wherever specified maybe announcements etc... Future Preferences: -A way for people to get involved like a in discord currency everyone is given a specific amount when they start and they then can use that to gain currency by predicting who is going to win/draw, so they place the currency on specific result, result is posted by admins and the total amount of currency used is split between the people that won etc... There will be in discord leaderboards for people with the most currency, there will be prizes for people with the most currency by the end of each month or so... they will also be able to donate to the channel, and will receive bonuses in the channel. -Depending on how much is donated to the channel, they can work up tiers, if they donate £10 for example they get priority status on twitch links and when they start to stream they are auto posted in the twitch channel. etc... -got more ideas,
  2. SteBensonDev

    Game Design - RPG, Free Roam, App. Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback this is going to be something that I will try to work on as much as possible as a side project if I got to university. So I can get a small team on it if the people around me are interested I would really want something like this to be released as an app so it is easy to play on the go even if you are not able to connect to an internet source.
  3. Brief Introduction Hi, I know you are thinking well how on earth would this game get any attention well have you played Runescape? well that is probably a silly question i assume you all have, I loved that game and I still would if it hadn't been ruined by the onslaught of awful updates and supposudly good improvements such as bringing out runescape 3 and making the game terribly complicated for the normal user. Well this game would be brought out as an app rather than a pc game so it would have to be made a lot more simple and that can be achieved. The graphics that I would really like to see in the game which I may work on myself is based around the hit game clash of clans, the graphics are simple but massively effective and I really think this would work together with the system of the game.   What it is Well this RPG, Free Roam game is based slightly on that massively multiplayer game except I know of the difficulties of making the game multiplayer so I thought at first while the game may be developed it could just be developed for single player and maybe friends could share their scores and so on. I have came up with all of the ideas around the game such as:   - Mainly based around a quest system that you can pick up at any time and do different quests whenever suits you - There will be spots around the world where you can train your character using mobs (Some hostile and some Passive) - One of the biggest aspects that I would really hope to get in at some point would be a way to buy Items from other players using a system where a player can go somewhere on their single player world and if they are connected to the internet they can buy or list items to sell so other players can buy too. - When the character comes to fight the player would have to use tactics to set up his/her action bar to suite the playing style of the character for example if their character has excelled in the magic skill magic attacks would be more effective in the action bar -There will also be 2 paths you can take with the magic skill once you hit a certain level (e.g level 20 in magic) you get a chance to choose dark magic which is attacks and power or Light magic which is healing and protection   Skills Personally I think this is the most important aspect of the game other than the professionalism of the design, the skills would have to be worked well to be a progressive system where it moves in a curve such as it getting a lot harder to level up when you get to the higher levels and this would create a sense of competition between friends or between other people on the leaderboard. The skills that will be used are below: - HealthPoints This would be how much health you have this goes up as you level up your skills below (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Archery) - Attack This is your melee skill this allows you to hold weapons the higher level the better the weapon that can be held and this helps with accuracy the higher you are the more often you hit the opponent with better attacks. - Defence This is how you defend yourself, the higher your level the better armour you can wear and the more your character can defend itself against big hits and the better your ability to not get hit - Strength This is the skill that allows your character to hit harder and better although you need attack to hit more often, this skill allows you to hit better attacks that will cause more damage - Magic (splits off between Dark and Light) This skill allows you to cast spells and hold magic equipment such as staffs and wear magic armour that boosts your magic advantage, once you get to a certain level this skill can split into two which is Dark magic this is more about damage and causing harm, more about power and Light magic which is based more around the healing side of things. - Archery This is the skill that allows the use of bows this is great for long range fighting and allows better archery armour to be worn. - Mining This is a passive skill, this is used to get ores and gems which can be sold to vendors for money or the gems can be crafted see below and the ores can be smelted see below. The higher your level the better the ores that you can mine. - BlackSmithery The ores that have been mined using the above skill come in very handy when you are trying to upgrade your character. The higher the ore you get in order to make anything out of it you need a good blacksmithery level, you smelt the ore in a furnace oven and you use the bar to create armour or weapons which again depends on your blacksmithery level, this is very useful when you need to upgrade armour to the next level. - Fishing This is another passive skill it can only be used to fish and allows the use of better rods and nets and allows you to catch better fish but these fish that have been caught are raw so you cant use them as food yet. - Cooking This skill corresponds with the one above if you have raw food this skill allows you to build a fire or use a cooking facility somewhere around the world and cook the raw food that you caught, the higher your level the better food that can be cooked and also there is less of a chance of burning the food. - Woodcutting This skill is very useful, this is the skill that allows you to cut down trees the higher your level the better the tree that you can cut down and the better the wood that you have to use. This wood can be used to make a fire for cooking things or it can be used for crafting items (see below) that will help you in combat or just in quests. -Crafting This skill is extremely useful if you are running out of money and running out of combat resources this skill can help you craft things like arrows and bows for your range skill or staffs for your magic skill or even crafting armour for archery and magic skills. There are endless possibilites for this skill. - Enchanting This is the last skill, this can be used to enchant things but this skill is very difficult to level up as you need materials for enchanting and you need to use an enchantment table inside the wizards tower and their is only one. Enchantment material is very difficult to find and you would need an array of items for certain enchantments. This skill again levels up and the higher rank you are the better you become at enchanting. But be careful once something has been enchanted you can't change it or take away the enchantment.   There will also be other things added in such as a skill i thought of and it was riding I thought at a certain overall level you are able to buy a mount (horses) from a vendor for a good amount of money and once you level it up you can start to get better mounts from different vendors around the world and have funny mounts like (pigs and cows) at a certain level.   This image below would be a brief idea of what the interface may look like in the future. Any suggestions what you think should be included to make the game very indie and work well then please leave a suggestion I have lots of ideas flying around and I am just working on them on paper at the minute. This is mainly to get an idea on whether or not to go along with the project.   [attachment=20939:Game Concept Pt.1.png]
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