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  1. Gooey

    Y'all ever just get wayyyy to distracted time n time again?

    Nice house this has made me consider maybe making a 2d rpg next rather than whatever I had in my mind.
  2. Gooey

    Getting back to it

    @Rutin@CyberFlash if you take a peek at my newest blog entry the game is avaliable to download for win32
  3. Gooey

    Card Game

    After alot of messing about in windows I have finally sorted out the game for people to play in a .zip compiled for win32 any feedback is welcomed. If anyone is interested in a linux version this will be much easier for me CardGame.zip
  4. So I messed about with my card game again today for a couple of hours. I am happy to say it went well I added two new game modes Addition and Subtraction which took all of about 10 mins. I added some options so you can choose the highest number card(1 - 13) amount of decks(1 - 13) I cheated a bit on the decks as I just used the menu for the highest card number. Adding in subtraction made me realise I needed negative numbers which wasnt a problem till I realised the - wasn't showing up. This caused me a headache for quite the while . Finally after an hour of changing fonts and what not making sure it wasn't something stupid I went back to my text rendering code... This is where I found a massive mistake (bmap.rows - glyph->bitmap_top) / fontSize, with that line. In my head bmap.rows - glyph->bitmap_top would give me a nice floaty number. Instead it was giving me a vary large unsigned(as that is what bmap.rows and glyph->bitmap_top return. A quick change and bang we were back in business! ((float)bmap.rows - (float)glyph->bitmap_top) / fontSize, magic! I then decided I had a few spare mins so i put in a win screen that congratulates you if you get 0% or 100% right flashy colours included.
  5. Gooey

    Getting back to it

    @Rutin ill try to sort it this weekend. @JWColeman This is the tutorial i used to understand loading and using .ttf fonts. if you have any questions get hold of me in the discord
  6. Gooey

    Getting back to it

    Errm hadn't really thought about it didn't realise anyone would like to play it
  7. Gooey

    Getting back to it

    I haven't been around alot recently due to my pc deciding not to work and time constraints but I am back! To get back in to it I decided to make a quick game me and my niece used to play with cards. The object of this game is to multiply the cards quickest and the winner gets the cards. Ok so after messing about for a day with it i have got a single player edition playable. It is not anything pretty by any means but it was a good way to get back into the swing of things. I will add options to it so you can choose the highest card 1-13 and how many decks of them cards. I would like to also make some sort of nice win screen too as at the moment it just takes you back to the Play/Exit screen.
  8. Gooey

    Buh-bye Windows, hello Linux!

    I have dual boot for exactally that reason @Polydone games not so much VS
  9. Gooey

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #6

    Its looking good just read 1-6 as ive been away for a bit. How do you know what youve picked up from the boxes?
  10. Gooey

    A minute of your time (or less!)

    with the use item it depends can you have multiple items if so i stickmwith what i put as then you can scroll through them with the shoulders otherwise id probably use one of the shoulders to use
  11. Gooey

    Bokeh to the Future

    Wow! It is nice to see you have got it done after all that time spent on it and it looks wow!
  12. Gooey

    Maximized IPBoard Chat

    Looks good FC
  13. Could i suggest all tutorials can be skipped with a single click or would the training be a separate option to playing? The only reason i suggest this is i have played a game recently and it made me go through the tutorial when i restarted it as much as it was a fun little tutorial i didn't wish to do it a second time and the game forcing me to was annoying
  14. Gooey

    The 10 Suggestions.

    To be fair i am just picking holes in what is a good post and more people need to read and understand it.
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