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  1. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    Hi,   Thank you for your reply Orymus3! They are really good, I'll try to fix them in a few weeks.
  2. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    A new update has been released with better space physics, so you can feel yourself more in a space battle! http://www.wooglie.com/games/Arcade/Epsilon-Space
  3. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    Please don't forget to rate the game and write reviews on Kongregate! Link: http://www.kongregate.com/games/OrganicAdapter/epsilon-space
  4. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    New update has been released on 14.04.27. It includes: -fire bug fixed -local game score reset fixed -auto refresh host list -new backgrounds -ship collision upgrade -space border upgrade
  5. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    Don't forget about the Grand Battle today at 14:00 GMT!
  6. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    I would like to improve my game, so if You have any idea, please write posts here, and help me make this game better. I am working on more ships, so I appreciate any ideas about new ship abilities too. Thanks for Your help!
  7. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    Watch my new trailer on Youtube!
  8. OrganicAdapter

    [Free] Grand Battle

    The first Epsilon Space Grand Battle will be held on April 27 at 14:00 GMT. It means i hope, that several players will gather to play the game here, on Wooglie, or play it as a desktop app. So you'll be able to test your skills against different players, and improve yourself.   If you enjoy the game, ask your friends to play also, and join the fight at the time specified. For greater number of players please share the game on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.   I think it'll be fun, it's free, and you play as much as you want. If everything goes well, and enough players gather to play, Grand Bottles like this will be held often in the future.   Hope you'll enjoy it!   Countdown
  9. OrganicAdapter

    Epsilon Space

    You can now play Epsilon Space online or download it as a desktop game. You can play against each other with different spaceships. Each one has a unique special ability, and different parameters. Now 6 ships are available, but more will come in the new updates. You can play on the same PC with your friend or online with others.   Hope you'll enjoy it!   Web: http://organicadapter.wix.com/home Facebook: http://facebook.com/organicadapter Wooglie: http://www.wooglie.com/games/Action/Epsilon-Space Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/OrganicAdapter/epsilon-space
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