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  1. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    Thank you! I understand this more clear now.
  2. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    Then what should I do ?
  3. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    People say if the art width x length is by the power of 2 it will scale up correctly, i'm asking in this example I made if it still applies to the same rules.
  4. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

  5. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    I took a screenshot of my computer that shows the left bench 11x9 and the right bench 10x8. Am I correct in saying that when the first bench scaled up higher will not look correctly and the right bench will scaled up higher will look perfect as is? I'm making sure before I make more material.
  6. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    Thank you so much for the clarity and power of 2 method.
  7. #Euphoria

    Pixel Art Resolution

    Do pixel games require to be 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 to fit a resolution of 1080x1920 screen ? What if I have a sprite person that is 28x12 and I work on it in a screen of 480x270 canvas, will it effect the sprite?
  8. #Euphoria

    Pixel Visual Programming

    yes to Frederic question and thank you all
  9. What is going on that makes pixel games not viewed too small ? Are the pixels enlarged by the artist scaling the images or is the programmer doing something like using a camera to zoom in on the entire map ? Here's two examples that I want to know. I'm more interested on what went on with Hyper Light Drifter, because it was made using Game Maker.  [attachment=35829:VDSSw.jpg] [attachment=35830:enter-the-gungeon-5.jpg]
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